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Locals Show Out, Jayhawks Win by 5 and Blues by 39. KCRFC Falls in League Championship to Wichita.

In a very eventful day of rugby the Jayhawks, Blues, and KCRFC were all in action today, with all very different things to play for. The Jayhawks played a defensive battle against a very resilient Texas-San Antonio squad, eking by a 12-7 nailbiter to advance to the East Regional Championship. Big time plays by Kahlil Allen, Reid Parsons, and Trevor Lister, along with yeoman's work on the defensive side of the ball from all players grinded out a hard fought win. The Jayhawks will face Texas State tomorrow for the East Regional Championship and a chance to move to the National Final. As a proud former player and alum, I can say the boys earned this one. It may not have looked pretty but a win is a win, and the Hawks have done their fans proud. Continue the tenacity with capitalizing on more opportunities, and the Hawks will continue their dominance.

It could not be more opposite for the Kansas City Blues (but like in a good way), as the defense seemed to be non-existent in a 69-35 barnburner at Hodge Park against the East Side Banshees. Tries by Mark Barbour, Stephen Lomas, Chase Higgins, Jordan Rice, Hela Arabagali, Ty Lewis, and Tonderai Kambarami (Also known as TK) capping off an absolute offensive shelling that propelled the Blues Boys to a win. They played to a rather different, but still home crowd while the Midwest College Collegiate 7s Challenge happened as well out at Hodge Park. Nevertheless, the Blues showed why they are the premier team in the MoKan area with a great win today.

Lastly, KCRFC travelled to Wichita to face a tough Barbarians squad led by big, physical forward play. City could not overcome the resilience and tenacity put in front of them by a very solid Wichita team. After being up 18-17 the Barbos came roaring back to top City 31-18 in their League Final. What sounded like an excellent match all around.

Overall, the local area was alive with the sounds of scrumming and raucous rugby crowds. As a player and rugby connoisseur myself I love to see the game I love growing to where we have scenes like we have in Lawrence and KC. Rugby is rising, and the Kansas City area is certainly a hotbed. If you can though, go out and watch the Jayhawks compete for that East Region title tomorrow. The boys need your support, and they deserve it too, and yes I am not just saying that as a proud alum and player that I am. #CawlidgeRugby

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