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Rugby: America's Seemingly Most Unphotogenic Sport

DISCLAIMER: No, I don't actually mean what the headline says. The headline is meant to exemplify what the state of American rugby on TV is. USA Eagle Stephen Tomasin said in a tweet earlier today that he's tired of rugby being shown on FloRugby, the main source of watching rugby in the United States.

"The fact the 15s game tonight is still being aired on flo shows how little growing the game means to whoever's in charge. This game should be in front of as many eyes as possible. No one ways to pay for flo. The MLR Final was on FOX. How is this game not?"-Tomasin implored, referencing tonight's USA Eagles/French Barbarians international friendly.

I could not agree with him more. The state of rugby on television in the United States is as follows: The people that say they care about growing the game, simply don't. They care about money, end of story, and when it comes to FloRugby, a subscription based platform that costs $30/month, it's the cash cow that USA Rugby rides on until the wheels fall off. Mind you, they still get the TV deal with FOX networks and can very well put on this game if they wanted to, but the powers that be simply said no. This harms growth, and it harms getting eyes on the game. Having to pay for multiple subscriptions is nothing new for today's society. However when it comes to sports, specifically ones that are gaining in popularity and need to ride that momentum, USA Rugby needs as many eyes as possible. One dimensional subscriptions that apply to only the established fans of the medium such as Flo turn people off, it's why not everyone is investing in NFL RedZone or NBATV. Yeah people like those sports, but they need to have it watchable for most Americans so it stays alive and continues to grow and profit. Rugby needs new fans if it wants to grow, it doesn't need to reap off of the crop of us that play and enjoy the game right now. No one will pay for a subscription to something that they may not even end up liking, yet USA Rugby insists on Flo to be their primary channel. It's ridiculous and must be fixed in time for the World Cup in 2031, probably much sooner than that if we're being honest.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Time to #BurnDown Flo

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