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Local Rugby Talent to Compete at Collegiate Rugby Showcase

Now I know what you're thinking, and before anyone that is not familiar with rugby asks the Collegiate Rugby Shield game is basically the Senior Bowl for college rugby players trying to break into Major League Rugby. Lots of scouts, players, and personnel from teams across the league will be there to see upcoming talent from this year's senior class, and one KU senior in particular has his eyes set on MLR greatness. Chandler Owens, former captain, Kernow Cup (MVP of the club) winner, and one of KU Rugby's most highly decorated fly-halfs is getting his shot at the next level. This past Friday Owens and the other prospects competed in a combine type setting much like other major league sports like NFL and NBA. The players took measurements, showcased their skills, and overall showed what raw talent they have. Now, it's time to see if that raw talent translates to game situations in the annual Shield game.

The game will take place tonight starting as I'm writing this article on FS1. If you can tune in go check it out and see how and why Owens was such a large part in KU's success this year. He plays the position with a great intelligence and fluidity, while also having the raw skills to make his passes, get around people, and provide a solid defense. Overall, Owens is truly one of the best we've seen in the area, and if he makes a MLR roster he would be the 2nd Jayhawk alum to do so along with Matt Harmon, prop for the NOLA Gold. Hopefully you'll get a chance to catch some rugby and support a hometown guy tonight, lord knows after last night's article you know my opinion about rugby's presence on US television...

Burn Notice: 10/10 The kid's on fire!

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