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KU/Fresno State for the D1AA Rugby Title: Things to Know, and a Love Letter of Sorts

Before I release a metric ton of NFL Draft content (Kind of a big year for the Chiefs if you can't already tell) I wanted to get around to talking about a program near and dear to my heart, and that is Jayhawk Rugby. If you've been keeping up with my content for a while (or just know me personally) you'll know that I am a rugby player and connoisseur. One of the programs that really helped push my rugby skills and love to new heights was the Kansas Jayhawks Rugby Football Club, or KJRFC for short. Around since 1964, they've been a somewhat under the radar, but strong and proud form of local sports entertainment in Lawrence. Top tier competition topped off with a fun, sociable gameday atmosphere for all ages and walks of life to enjoy. The lads have made leaps and bounds since I last played for them in 2019, and have made their way to a national title berth against the Fresno State Bulldogs. It's championship season in Lawrence, and KJRFC wants in.

To say I'm proud is an understatement, however I will try not to let the editorial part of this piece go on too long, as that would take a novel's worth of writing. Instead I'll give you information on how to watch and support the program. The national title game will be played in Arlington, Texas at Choctaw Stadium. Game time is at 4pm, and will be a matinée for the Dallas Jackals versus San Diego Legion Major League Rugby match. The game will also be available via stream, details will be posted to the Kansas Jayhawk Rugby Football Club social media pages when the arrangements are made. KJRFC is going in after wins versus UTSA and Texas State in the East Region Finals, and will face a formidable Fresno State program with a tradition of winning. The Jayhawks themselves however are formidable, with bend but don't break defense, backline breakaways filled with finesse, and powerful forward play and scrummage. Coached by Andy Stewart and captained by Chandler Owens, KJRFC looks to add another (and perhaps the most illustrious so far) title to their resumé. This will be a fantastic game of rugby to watch even if you have never watched before. If you are a Jayhawk fan or even just a rugby fan, I highly suggest you find a way to get to Choctaw Stadium or to your nearest streaming device to watch the game. Support KJRFC as they go for yet another school national title, and support local amateur sport. Good luck boys, and Rock Chalk!

With Love,

Alex Blackburn, A Proud Alum

Burn Notice: 10/10, #ChampionshipSZN

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