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Blues Win Mid-America 7's, Look to Madison Qualifier and Springfield Next

The Blues took a short trip to Liberty, Missouri and Hodge Park for the Mid-America 7's tournament this weekend, coming away with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place for the 4 teams they entered. A solid showing that knocks the dust off a bit, the talent the Blues have showed its depth this past weekend in what was a beautiful day of rugby sans a bit of rain toward the end (If you ask rugby players though, they don't mind)

The top two qualifier squads look to Madison, Wisconsin this coming weekend for their first of three qualifying tournaments leading up to the Midwest championship in Chicago on July 23rd. The other two social tournament/developmental squads look to Springfield this coming weekend for their next tournament. All four sides looked solid in their outings this past weekend, with a few things to work out and build on going into these qualifying tournaments and the heart of 7s season. Knocking the dust off and getting stuck in for 7s actions only helped the boys in Blue as they faced tough, hardy opponents like Springfield, Arkansas, and Tulsa, leading up to an all Blues final with the top two qualifying sides facing off, the first qualifying side winning by only a narrow margin. The Blues have depth and talent throughout their four sides, and it will be interesting to see what moves will be made and what improvement will happen over these next few weeks. The Blues will have a squad to be reckoned with though, and will make a good run at nationals as they have for the past few years. Truly, they can call themselves a BLUE blood program for their excellent performance (I'll see myself out)

Burn Notice: 9/10 I personally think puns are HOT but maybe that's just me

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