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Blues Best City in KC Derby

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Kansas City Blues swept KCRFC, 69-0 in the second side match and 34-25 in the first. Physical play from Matt Wirken, Greg Fry, Jimmy Lillis, and others made for a gritty, resilient showing for the Blues at City Park.

Tighter than expected, the Blues turned it around with a strong 2nd half in the first side matchup. Much like the KU basketball team, the Blues know when to turn it on in dire 2nd half situations and have all season. KCRFC suffers another disappointment after dropping the D2 Divisional Title to Wichita and now losing the city derby. a great day for rugby though and camaraderie made for a good Easter Saturday. Watching a bit of egg chasing is always a good time though.

Burn Notice: 7/10, Sunburns after a day at the fields

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