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7's Season Starting for the KC Blues

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Kansas City Blues, coming off a Spring season of development and work, are now entering their 7's Summer season. Practice begins May 17th, with the first tournament only a couple weeks after. What is 7's you might ask? 7 on 7 rugby, 14 minute halves, lots and LOTS of fun. Tournaments are held that bring area rugby teams (and sometimes at a national level) together to play 7 on 7, whether that be competitive or social. Some of the most fun rugby you can watch is during 7's season, and the boys look to show out this Summer to compete at Nationals in Chicago. The lads look for ample support from the home crowd, and look forward to a tough, but rewarding training regimen to get into shape.

The Blues have talent this year to make a really special summer squad. Speed demons such as Nehemiah Jones and Kyle Renner thrive in the 7's game, as in 7's, unlike normal 15 on 15 rugby, speed and agility is king. Lots of open space requires accurate passing and the ability to break away and tackle in space as well. The Blues have plenty of headhunting, lightning footed individuals that will show their stuff this Summer, and as for the big men that aren't all that quick on their feet? (My humble self included) There's still space on the social and developmental teams to get a run in, get fitness up, and have a good time playing a friendly game of rugby and watching the real masters of speed and finesse work from the sideline. Maybe one day I'll be that quick, just maybe...

Come join on if you think you've got the wheels, or if you want to enjoy just a day in the sun watching and playing the fastest growing sport in the US. It'll be a fun summer, but not without fan and alumni support as always.

Burn Notice: 10/10 If this weather is any indication of how Summer will be, we're gonna need more water...

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