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Veach Black Magic: What Are the Chiefs Doing in Free Agency?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Free agency in the NFL has started to pick up steam, and those of us that have been around the Chiefs long enough know that with the Chiefs? Anything is possible, but one thing is for sure: Brett Veach will make a splash move in one way or another. In a way it has already begun. With the signing of Justin Reid this more than likely means stalwart safety Tyrann Mathieu will be leaving for greener pastures, which is an article in its own right. Before I digress into the conflict I have with the Chiefs moving away from Mathieu I want to say this: Chiefs fans should not be worried. Brett Veach will sacrifice a goat (is that even a figure of speech at this point? Does he actually do this to make the home run moves he does? Will need someone in the Chiefs front office to confirm this. Here I was saying I wouldn't digress LOL) and this team will be absolutely stacked. Potential additions in Jarvis Landry, Zadarius Smith, Allen Robinson, Juju Smith-Shuster, and others leaves the door open for a WORLD of possibilities for one of the best GMs in the NFL. Do not fret, my fickle Chiefs Kingdom, we shall survive, and Brett Veach will be our messiah to the football gods as he has been his whole tenure.

Burn Notice: 6/10, Lukewarm

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