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BURNING QUESTION: Do You Support a Move to Kansas for the Chiefs And/or Royals?

For this week's #BurningQuestion, we go back to an issue first posed when the Kansas City Royals proposed a move downtown. In summary, a joint effort between the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs opted for a 3/8 sales tax extension that would allow public funding to flow in for future stadium projects, the projects being significant renovations to GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs and a downtown "Ballpark District" featuring a brand new stadium for the Royals. The vote was scheduled for Apr. 2, where the Jackson County public resoundingly voted the motion down 58.1 percent (78,352 votes) to 41.9 percent (56,606 votes).

The Situation at Hand...

This has, apparently, left the Chiefs and Royals at an impasse in negotiations with Jackson County, as both parties have made their grievances known yet refuse to negotiate terms and compromise, at least as of now. Both teams have officially opened up the prospect of moving out of Jackson County, with some sources even claiming that the Royals are considering moving out of the Kansas City metro entirely. These are just rumors at this point, yes, but one thing is for sure, a certain state to the west of Jackson County, Missouri is looking to cash in.

According to multiple reports, the Kansas State House has motioned to begin hearing conversations on how to lobby the Chiefs and Royals to Kansas, likely moving to Johnson County or Wyandotte County, the two closest Kansas counties to the KC metro. The plan would involve STAR bonds and is being led by Scoop and Score Inc., a lobbyist group that intends to bring the two teams to the Kansas side. Their website includes renderings of potential stadiums, a petition for the public to sign, and myths and facts surrounding the proposal. The group features former Kansas lawmakers, including former Kansas Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman. The next special session to talk about and potentially approve this action will be June 18, and is expected to be widely supported.

Thoughts on the Move to Kansas

This brings me back to the #BurningQuestion at hand, I have readers on both sides of this issue, as well as readers who reside in Missouri or Kansas. What are your thoughts on the potential move to Kansas? Is there still a possibility of Jackson County or Missouri winning back the favor of the Chiefs and Royals? Is a move to Kansas feasible for either franchise?

As a Kansan who was on the fence regarding the matter, I look at it this way. If this requires less on the public, then I say go for it. Move states, build brand new stadiums, but do NOT expect the public to bear the brunt of the bill. This is actually what was first discussed when the no vote passed in the Kansas House, how much would the public have to bear? The Kansas State House voted no on any new tax or extension of a tax before it could even be put to a public vote, so that shows where their head is at, at least for now. I think much of the same, unless there is an ultimatum where the Chiefs and/or Royals would leave the area entirely, no new tax or extension should be introduced on the Kansas side.

Even then though, if it does come down to that, it looks extremely unethical on the part of the team owners. Have the billionaires that own these teams pay for their own stadiums if they truly feel a move like this is necessary for the betterment of the franchise. IF they need public funding, then they must submit a good reason as to why they would need it. Those who take advantage of taxpayer dollars must provide good reasoning, otherwise, it is extortion of the public. Transparency, honesty, and an ability to compromise are imperative in situations like this, and team owners must keep this in mind.

Again though, I ask your thoughts on the matter. Leave them in the comments below or on social media and as always, #BurnItDown

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