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The Royals Listen: Call Up Vinnie and Trade Santana to the Mariners for Pitchers

They did it, they finally did it. The Kansas City Royals listened to their fanbase and to proper judgement, and capitalized on trade capital. Not only that, they brought up a young guy. Vinnie Pasquantino is here, and hopefully he will not be the last. The Royals are finally making moves that may save their ineptitude and promote progress for the future years. This may be as close as we get to feeling like we won a playoff spot this year.

Now, do the Royals still have work to do in terms of promoting players and using trade capital? Absolutely, but the addition of two new pitchers Wyatt Mills and William Fleming, along with the callup of a guy absolutely rocking it in the minors is a big step. So long as we see DEVELOPMENT out of these guys this will be a beneficial move, and I do believe we will and that we will see development out of guys like Nick Pratto and others waiting to here a callup as well. This also includes guys like Bobby Witt Jr., Kyle Isbel, and Jonathan Heasley, as all of them are relishing in Major League experience as well. We could see a very different Royals team by next year, and to be honest? I am all for it. It's time to start over, as I've said time and again. Be the team we all know the Royals can be with a little bit of self-awareness and effort put into bettering the franchise in the long run, shoot maybe by the time you want to start building that downtown stadium you'll have fan backing. You did good today, Royals, you did good.

Burn Notice: 10/10 HOT STOVE MOVES Y'ALL

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