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The Royal Boys Club

The Royals have a problem. Many of us know this already, as it is crystal clear through their play on the field, however there's a very specific problem I wanted to address in this article. I've addressed a lot of issues with the Royals this season, but this is perhaps the biggest. That issue is the issue of the boys club that surrounds the Royals front office. Dayton Moore has built a cult of personality and nepotism so that all remain blameless for the Royals' shortcomings. The complaints on the fanbase fall upon deaf ears because no one can hear outside the bubble of groupthink and brownnosing. No one is at fault, when in fact ALL are at fault.

Dayton Moore is responsible for Cal Eldred still having a job and Dave Eiland being jobless even though he is lightyears better at coaching, Dayton Moore is responsible for the shortcomings in the scouting department and why the Royals refuse to bring up young talent to develop and maybe salvage this season to go into next season a good team, Dayton Moore is responsible for the catastrophic failures and empty promises made in terms of the product on the field. Whichever way you look at it, Dayton Moore is somehow, some way responsible for the Royals being god awful. Him and his group that he refuses to put the hammer down on and make decisions that could potentially impact their careers. If he had any guts he would personally step down and advise others to do the same, but he simply doesn't, knowing full well this is his fault. The Bally situation may not be along with a few other off the field issues the Royals face, but the field product is, and until he or John Sherman figures out that the Royals need new management across the board fan apathy and anger will continue to increase. Dayton Moore should take a page from his own words and "be accountable", I'm sure he'd hate if this fanbase has to do it for him. Fix the team, dissolve the boys club, or see your way out. We're tired.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Hell hath no fury greater than a man watching his baseball team utterly collapse due to gross mismanagement.

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