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The Receiver Dilemma: Do the Chiefs Pick Up Deebo, Terry, or AJ?

With free agency being over and the draft around the corner, many players are still looking for a good long term deal that fits their liking. Three of those players include receivers Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, and Terry McLaurin. Why am I talking about three receivers that are on other teams and have nothing to do with the Chiefs you might ask? These three guys have all expressed interest in re-signing with another team if a deal is not reached with their current team, they want to sign with a contender that will pay them well. The Chiefs just so happen to be on the wishlists of a couple of these guys, however it begs the question of do the Chiefs have mutual interest, and should they?

My answer? Absolutely not. Yes, yes boo me if you will but I don't think signing one of these three guys would be the right move. They're all extremely talented, they'd all three fit well in the Chiefs offense, however as I have said before the Chiefs need to play the long game here. These guys will want to be paid Tyreek Hill to the Fins level money (Thanks Christian Kirk and the Jaguars for bludgeoning the market) and that would be a step back for the Chiefs, who should build around this upcoming draft class if they expect to be good for the entirety of Patrick Mahomes's contract. They must build around him, and while having the luxury of one of these three on the team sounds nice it's not financially plausible. If we wanted one of these three we should've just paid Tyreek Hill what he wanted because frankly that's what these guys will ask for. Deebo Samuel especially, coming off a career year with huge numbers, and knowing what he would bring to the Chiefs offense with how versatile he is. The Chiefs bringing one of these guys potentially guarantees them at least 1 Super Bowl, however sets us back to where we'd have significant cuts to make over the next couple of years. I'd rather draft well, develop guys into key starters, and pay out rookie contracts rather than trying to get a ludicrous deal done with one of these guys, but that's just me perhaps. Dream your dreams, reality is a cruel mistress, and it will set in if the Chiefs front office doesn't play their cards right over the next couple years.

Burn Notice: 8/10 Grease Fire, hot fire that burns out quickly, much like making a deal with the three aforementioned players.

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