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The Orlando Question

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

With the draft a mere one hour away one question was brought to my attention that really struck me, and that was the question of if Orlando Brown Jr. was going to leave the Kansas City Chiefs, and if so, should the Chiefs spend draft capital tonight on an offensive lineman to replace him? Whether that be in the draft itself or in a trade/free agency. Orlando Brown Jr. is currently on the franchise tag, and will more than likely be a Chief next year barring a colossal meltdown, however there's been shades of doubt cast by both media and Orlando Brown Jr. himself, so what's up?

In my opinion, taking an offensive lineman in the draft as a mid rounder wouldn't be the worst decision. You can at the very least provide depth and develop a guy to replace Brown. We've seen what mid to late round picks at O-Line can do for us, and while there isn't really a Trey Smith in this draft there's still a very deep class at the position. Taking an early round pick and using it on O-Line or signing a guy in free agency shows me that the Chiefs are jumping the gun on Brown and do not expect him to sign back, something he hasn't completely ruled out but COULD if something like that happens. Nonetheless, I believe the Chiefs needs to focus on much more pressing needs on the defensive side of the ball as well as wide receiver. Shoot, I'd even argue running back is a more pressing need given the scheme the Chiefs have and what they could do if the Chiefs find a quality receiving back. The Orlando Brown situation will figure itself out in due time, and I think if the Chiefs do anything rash here they could lose his (albeit shaky) commitment.

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