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The First to Go: Royals fire hitting coach Terry Bradshaw

Now I know what you're thinking, no the Royals' now former hitting coach is not the former Steelers quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer. That would be wild though wouldn't it? Getting that minor disclaimer out of the way, the Royals have made their first move towards potentially cleaning house by the end of the season by firing hitting coach Terry Bradshaw. The Royals ranked 27th in total hits before this firing took place, and boy did it SHOW. Really since 2016 the hitting has been pretty subpar but that's beside the point. The Royals need a change in offense and need it now, and this is a very important first step as to where the Royals go from here.

Unless the Royals make a complete 180 this year after this firing, I still believe Bradshaw is just the first guy to go. If John Sherman (Yes I called him David in my ScorchCast yesterday, consider this my formal apology on that Freudian slip) wants to see improvement, then a new core may have to take over. Hitting is really just the start, at least thus far. The pitching has saved itself by the likes of Daniel Lynch, Josh Staumont, Scott Barlow, and Brad Keller performing excellently and doing their job, however remains blatantly inconsistent (Bubic and Singer) and with room to improve still. Mike Matheny getting the extension I believe will not save him either if this team manages 100 losses, which they're well on their way to. Scouting has been perhaps the worst part so far, and I am very surprised that was not the first change. This team has too much young talent to let administrative ineptitude and in my opinion complete cowardice be their downfall, and it is time for an overhaul and for calculated risks to be taken if the downward spiral continues. Fans don't want to watch bad baseball, and the way the Royals have handled it has only worsened attitudes towards the team. A downtown stadium is not what should be talked about right now when you can barely foster butts in seats to begin with, remember that John... Get this team better or you will only continue to lose money and fanbase.

Burn Notice: 8/10 The seat is HOT

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