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The Burn KC Official Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft 1.0

The NFL Combine has officially come and gone, and as we approach the NFL Draft, set to be held in Detroit, Michigan April 25th, Brett Veach and the Kansas City Chiefs are on the lookout for their next big franchise players who will help continue the dynasty well into star quarterback Patrick Mahomes's later years. This year's draft is teeming with talent at the Chiefs' positions of need, so let's take a look at what those needs are and who I believe, has the best chance at filling them.

Team Needs

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year and with little roster turnover aside from Marquez Valdez-Scantling being released, things haven't really changed since the end of the season, at least so far. The Chiefs did end up working out a deal with star defensive tackle Chris Jones and presumably are working to bring L'Jarius Sneed back as well, however needs could still point to the Chiefs bringing on a defensive tackle or, should Sneed be traded, a cornerback as well. A summary of what the Chiefs need at this moment can be found here, split into major needs (must haves) and minor needs (would be nice to have)

Chiefs Major Needs: Wide Receiver, Offensive Tackle, Linebacker

Chiefs Minor Needs: Defensive Line, Running Back, Guard, Defensive Back*

*= Could be moved up should Sneed be traded

The Chiefs really don't need a whole lot but with a weak wide receiver room last year as well as a disappointing group of offensive tackles, a lot of which are set to be on the market, the two biggest needs are at those respective positions. Linebacker I believe is also a pick of great importance, as the Chiefs, while signing back Drue Tranquill, still have to worry about the status of Nick Bolton and Willie Gay over the next two years. The Chiefs lack depth at defensive line, guard, and running back, so getting a few depth pieces to bolster those positions wouldn't hurt. Finally, with Sneed still being a strong maybe on coming back, the Chiefs may look to invest in a defensive back that can mitigate the loss of Sneed's All-Pro capabilities.

The Burn KC Mock Draft

Let's get into the mock draft itself though. This year's draft is stacked with talent at the wide receiver position, but who is available for the Chiefs at pick 32 (should they not trade up, which could potentially happen)? I'm predicting the Chiefs do, in fact, go wide receiver here though. Yes, all signs pointed to them doing it last year too, but they did not pull the trigger for one reason or another, but with this group being as stacked as it is, this is prime pickings for Brett Veach to pick up some weapons for Mahomes. As for the later rounds, there's still plenty of talent to go around outside the first 32 picks. Let's dive in and see who exactly I'd pick if I were Brett Veach...

Round 1, Pick 32: Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

Round 2, Pick 64: Dominick Puni, OL, Kansas

Round 3, Pick 95: Ty'Ron Hopper, LB, Missouri

Round 4, Pick 132: McKinnley Jackson, DL, Texas A&M

Round 5, Pick 157: Kamal Hadden, CB, Tennessee

Round 5, Pick 171: Rasheem Ali, RB, Marshall

The Chiefs I think could splurge on either wide receivers or tackles, but on a needs-based approach, this is who I would pick. Worthy wowed at the NFL Combine, posting a combine record 4.22 40-yard dash. With Veach's affinity for speed as well as Worthy's ability to make plays in the air, this is a no-brainer pick should he still be here come pick 32. Dominick Puni I like for the Chiefs in the 2nd given that he is a local guy and extremely versatile, meaning he can fit in at tackle AND guard, making him a great fit for a Chiefs' offensive line that struggles with depth in certain positions. He struggled in run blocking but did not allow a single sack his entire college career, which should make Mahomes salivate. Ty'Ron Hopper I like for the Chiefs in the 3rd because he has similar attributes to Willie Gay, who is set to, in all likelihood at least, leave the Chiefs this coming offseason. Hopper can come in and easily replace if he develops his strength and tackling just a bit more. McKinnley Jackson is a short, stalky defensive tackle that is explosive, intelligent, and slippery, making him a good interior guy. He just needs to work on quickness and gap-filling. Kamal Hadden is excellent in man coverage and shows lots of shades of L'Jarius Sneed's play style. With that though comes the tendency to commit penalties when beat and potentially be too tight on his man. He also has a nagging shoulder injury that will need to be made note of. Finally, Rasheem Ali is a dual-threat guy who can kill you in the air and on the ground. A decisive gap-finder who can squirt in between tacklers, Ali could easily be this team's Jerrick McKinnon replacement if he develops his blocking capabilities more and increases his top-end speed.


Once again, this was a needs-based mock draft that I chose based on what I feel are the best fits for the Chiefs at their positions of need. I am not Veach, as Veach has a tendency to overcorrect at problem positions we could absolutely see him splurge on wide receivers. This certainly would be the draft for it too, as there is loads of receiver talent in this draft. I don't think tight end is a super pressing need as of yet, nor is guard, but given that Travis Kelce and Joe Thuney are both getting up there in age and are due new contracts soon, the Chiefs could definitely be thinking further ahead with this draft. I know a lot of rumor mills have them picking up guys like Kevin Dotson, Logan Thomas, and others, but the Chiefs have been known to play the long game and have more faith in the guys behind Thuney and Kelce than they do the guys behind Rice and Taylor. That could certainly influence draft day decisions and we may see the Chiefs fill positions like wide receiver and tackle before guard and tight end, however, this is made before the bulk of free agency moves will be done. We could see a very different Mock Draft 2.0...coming after free agency of course. Stay tuned!

Burn Notice: 10/10 DRAFT SZN!!!!

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