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Sluggin' in Sleet: Royals Win on Opening Day

The Royals really couldn't of asked for better weather to kick off the 2022 season, if your idea of better weather is a typical Midwest Spring sleeting with a hint of sunlight. Nevertheless, the Royals took the field and the game went on as scheduled with no delays. In a tight defensive battle the Royals had to use 4 pitchers to take down what looked to be a very stagnant looking Cleveland offense, something we'll need to see improvement on by the time the White Sox, Yankees, or Angels come around. Not to be pessimistic though, the Royals looked fairly sharp for the Opening Day game. The defense looked outstanding, the pitching looked serviceable with Greinke pitching a solid 5.33 innings with 47 strikes and 1 run, and the bats woke up late to give them the win. Bobby Witt Jr. arrived onto the scene with an RBI double as well. It is extremely early, but the Royals look like they can win games this year, and if they have to win them in the later innings which was a struggle for them last year.

Overall, the Royals may not have all the pieces in place to make a World Series run yet, but I can see them shocking the world this year by digging deep and making a playoff run. They're a sleeper team of the highest fashion, and I think if they play the way they played they could be solid. Just notch up more runs and use less pitchers, I understand it was sloppy out but 4 pitchers in a non-playoff game is too many for a team worth their salt. This season, as I said in yesterday's article, could make or break a lot of people in the Royals organization. Continue notching up good, well-earned wins, and you'll save a lot of people's jobs I feel.

Burn Notice: 7/10, a jalapeno on a Brisketacho (Which I just found out was a thing and sounds delicious, does not make up for Buck Night though. Sigh. I guess I'll still go to games this year.)

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