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Skidding Salvy and the Reeling Royals, What to Do (And Not to Do) in a Slump

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Royals are bad this year. It's time to face the fact that if we don't see a turnaround very soon the playoffs are a far cry from where this team will end up by October. Only one player has an about .2 AVG, and that would be Andrew Benintendi. The hitting is utterly abysmal, even from stars Salvador Perez and Whit Merrifield, who have really been especially bad. The bullpen has seen strokes of brilliance but they need help, the Royals have scored 8 runs in the 5 games that Zach Grienke has started. It's inexcusable. The Royals have to find a way out of the offensive slump, or the nightmares will continue.

A solution that was posed by the Royals' front office was to bring up young talent like MJ Melendez and move Salvador back to catcher, as well as move Whit down the lineup further. This solution has not worked, as Perez and Merrifield are struggling mightily still and the young talent is not producing. My solution? Tell the stars of your team that they should not have to carry the load every game and make changes at the minor league level. There is too much pressure on an aging Perez and a Merrifield that last year the Royals opened up the possibility of trading him. You are going to have to survive without your best talent, and develop new ones at that. This being said, at the beginning of the year I had said that if this is yet another rebuilding year then I think people have to go in the Royals' scouting department, because frankly they've been in rebuild since 2015. It is time to put up or shut up, and thus far nothing has been put up that makes me think the Royals' farm system is worth anything. Yes, Bobby Witt Jr. has shown flashes, but he has to get over the hump at some point. I gave him 100 at bats, he is currently at 77. Time is running out and he needs to show he can be consistently good. As for Brady Singer his time has passed I feel like, he needs to be good now or be put back down. No excuses. Finally, we'll have to see what MJ Melendez can do, he may be the only hope for the Royals' Triple A and Double A front offices in keeping a job. It could be autumn and winter cleaning here in a few months.

Burn Notice: 8/10 Hot Seat for a Cold Organization

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