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Should the Royals Tank?

The Royals are winning more as of recent. The losing is still there, don't you worry, but they've looked better. HOWEVER, this begs the question of SHOULD they try to be good? SHOULD they try to save the jobs of the front office and management, along with a few of the players themselves? This also begs the question opposing that proposal, and that is the question of should the Royals tank, clean house, and try their best to build around the youth? Much like a team like (and yes I know, they cheated and they absolutely should be in trouble, but they're still good at baseball) the Astros did back in 2009-2010.

My answer? Absolutely, but don't make it obvious. If the Royals want to play the long game they trade away guys that need to be traded, bring up young guys with potential, and do your best to get these guys the major league development they need (yes I know under terrible management for the time being, but they will still get major league experience) in order to be better in the long run. We know guys like Salvador Perez, Carlos Santana, Whit Merrifield, and Andrew Benintendi will not be around for a whole lot longer, and it's been proven that they are not the future of this team (anymore) It pains me to say it, but those are the facts. While the Royals don't have the worst record in the league anymore, they're still 23-42 and are league bottom feeders when they SHOULD HAVE AND COULD HAVE been contenders for the AL Central. Unless by some miracle of God this team turns it around, this is a lost season and these guys have proven that they've outlived their prime on the Royals. It is time to LET. GO. Embrace the new, out with the old. Bring up guys like Vinnie Pasquantino, Nick Pratto, and other young Italian guys/guys in general that are absolutely tearing apart the minor leagues. You never know, Bobby Witt Jr. has proven himself so far, those guys could too AND get the major league experience. It's time, John Sherman, make this team play the long game (or heck, could even be short depending on how well these guys do, we could have the next Fernando Tatis waiting in the minors) and we will go far. It's what this team needs, again, just don't make it too obvious.

Burn Notice: 8/10 I can hear the M1 Abrams rolling to the K right now...

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