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Rookie-Minicamp: What to Watch

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Chiefs start rookie minicamp this weekend, and with that comes getting our first taste of players that could very well make an impact come this 2022-23 season. Guys like Skyy Moore, George Karlaftis, Leo Chenal, and Damian Kinnard will be immediately competitive for starting roles, and have strutted the first of their stuff. A few things to watch here for this year’s rookie camp:

  1. Big men footwork

Both George Karlaftis and Damian Kinnard will have to work their footwork if they are to be successful at the NFL level. They’re big men, who will be naturally gifted at their respective positions. However, not everything that goes into a lineman is size, and we’ll have to see how the Chiefs’s coaches develop these guys into better players by improving their finesse.

2. Justyn Ross

Justyn Ross will be the biggest receiver stories in terms of undrafted rookies. Skyy Moore will absolutely make the team if anything as a special teamer, however Ross will be an interesting story. Great at Clemson yet hampered with injuries, we’ll see if the Chiefs’ coaching develops him into a marquee receiver.

3. The Competition

Veach stacked every position this year, and with that comes competition at every position. This is a great strategy, in the scope of building your best players. Camp will bring out the best in performers that will contribute some way or another. Play into that competition, and pick your best performers. It will pay off!

In the end, rookie camp is just the beginning. A whole summer of work will define how the Chiefs perform this year. Chiefs will be okay, but they can be Super Bowl level talent if they find the right crop of talent.

Burn Notice: 9/10 96 on Monday y’all…

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