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Poll: Who Is Your Breakout/Sleeper Star for the Chiefs the Coming Year?

I've seen a lot of chatter on Twitter in regards to who will be the next star wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. Who in that pack will shine and become WR1? Yes, I know the obvious answer is Travis Kelce, he's only the best Tight End in the league. HOWEVER, this wide receiving corps has a ridiculous amount of depth and guys working to get a bigger and better contract. That kind of competition breeds excellence among 1 to 2 maybe even the whole group of guys wanting that pay day and starting position. That seems to be the case for a few positions for the Chiefs actually, and this year will be a major proving year for many on this roster.

I ask you, my fair audience, who the breakout star will be for this year's Chiefs team? There's quite a few to choose from, but I'm going to make my case for a couple of my favorites here, mind you I'm trying to keep it separated by position:

Mecole Hardman, WR

Mecole has long since been a whipping boy for Chiefs fans. He's inconsistent, has been seen as the guy in Tyreek Hill's shadow, and while has shown flashes of brilliance has not lived up to the hype thus far. With Tyreek Hill gone, does that change? My answer is yes, and I think in a big way. Hardman is in a contract year, and has a ton to prove as (surprisingly) the veteran presence of that Chiefs wide receiving corps. All of those guys have the potential to be great, but I am picking Mecole due to his time with the team and potential that he has to explode in this offense.

Frank Clark

Frank is an interesting player, as he was expected to burst onto the scene when he first got to KC. He was good, but nothing of what we expected of him. Top that off with a pretty poor showing last year both on and off the field and you've got a guy that is in a put up or shut up year. Clark will need to show he can be the boss of that line of scrimmage, and he will need to get to the quarterback and show guys like George Karlaftis and Mike Danna how it's done. The veteran does not have a ton of time left to unleash his potential, however I believe with the payday he received and the chip on his shoulder that Frank will thrive.

La'Jarius Sneed

Sneed is currently the Chiefs best corner. That is not saying much considering the youth and inexperience they have at the position, but nonetheless he is CB1 in the current moment. If he wants to keep that job then he will need to play exceptionally well, as though this group may be young, there is a ton of talent chomping at the bit for play time and time in the spotlight. Sneed has impressed in the past, and though having a fairly underwhelming sophomore effort I believe he bounces back in full force to stake his claim for that position as top corner. He will need to make a name for himself as the backbone of this Chiefs secondary, and has the tools to do it. He'll just need to use them to the best of his ability.

Those are my three players I believe are poised for a breakout year. Please let me know if I missed anyone and let me know about the three choices I've listed here. Shoot, you can even say that nobody is poised to break out this year if you wanted to, that's just, like, your opinion man. Go off. Best answers will be featured in the ScorchCast as always and I'm looking forward to the replies.

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