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Poll: Royals Post '22 Season. Clean House, or Let It Be?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

In this article, I wanted to explore fan opinion on what we'll call a mildly sizzling, but continuing to get hotter, stove take. Many, including myself, have already taken to the opinion that this is a make or break season for Royals baseball. Many also, have seen that this has so far been an abysmal year for the ball club. At 9-17, with a critical series loss to the Orioles, it leaves the Royals in a rather dire situation if this trend continues. I ask my audience to leave a comment on this article, or go vote on Twitter @TheBurn_KC or the Facebook, all linked on this website as well! The options are as followed, please feel free to leave a comment too if you think of another option or want to add on.

(Please no threats or baseless takes, keep things civil. I know this is a rather hot topic for the fanbase but folks it's a game. The Royals can't hurt you if you don't let them. You have people like me that watch for you and get upset for you!)

A. The Royals should clean house in every facet, John Sherman should restart the franchise from a player and personnel standpoint. No stone unturned save MAYBE a few.

B. The Royals fire a few, but keep things relatively on structure. Mike Matheny is still manager, Dayton Moore still employed, but scouting personnel or some player/position personnel replaced.

C. The Royals will turn it all around, I have faith in the current structure. They will be fine...

Again, feel free to elaborate on your take, and please vote! Your take may get featured in a future podcast or article. It's an issue I am certainly on the fence about, and wanted to do some research on, you know as the responsible journalist I am. Cheers everyone, and to all a great week!

Burn Notice: 9/10 Grease Fire Warning

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