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Over the Hill: Tyreek to the Fins, Chiefs playing the Long Game.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Star wide receiver Tyreek Hill shocked the NFL world today, as the Chiefs centerpiece was traded to the Dolphins on a 4 year, $120 million deal with $72 million guaranteed contract. In exchange the Chiefs get 5 draft picks, a 2021 first rounder, 2022 2nd round, 2022 4th round, and 4th and 6th rounds for 2023. Many unfamiliar with the NFL trade market will find this trade to be ludicrous, how can Brett Veach, Kansas City JESUS give away such a cornerstone of the Chiefs' offense??? The Juju trade was for NOT! At first that's how I reacted too, however after some thought and a couple deleted tweets later I began to realize what Brett Veach is doing here. \

This is in no way the fault of Veach, far from it. It is a player's market in the NFL, and what Tyreek was looking for was money. Veach is looking at long term excellence, not short term, and with this Tyreek trade I believe he has made one of his first tough decisions of dynasty building here in the Kingdom. Sure, having Tyreek was a benefit, however when Hill is asking for that kind of contract, a contract that the Chiefs cannot give due to the current state of cap space and contracts (No matter how we restructured anyone or who we did and did not sign), you'll start to understand Veach's thought process. The NFL is not like the NBA, loading your team with stars will only do so much. In football, you need all 22 guys to be serviceable, you don't have that it is quite easy to read your scheme and be stopped. This is what happened to the Chiefs this past year, they got found out. Veach is choosing to rebuild and rearm with guys that can play their positions, if that means having to shed star talent in order to build the team it must be done. New weapons, new play-calling, and building a team around Patrick Mahomes will be the focus for the next year or two. It was the same with Brady in New England mind you, and that worked out pretty well for them if I do say so myself. Have faith, my dear readers, #VeachBlackMagic is alive and well.

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