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Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

In the latest development of Chiefs drama former Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill went on record with his new podcast in saying that he wanted to stay with the Chiefs if it were not for his "stats being limited by coaching"

Let me go on record in saying why that is a load of horse you know what. Stats limited by coaching? You truly think that the Chiefs would take arguably their best player out of the equation? Better yet, let's actually look at the numbers: 3rd in overall receptions, FIRST in targets, and tied for 4th in touchdowns in 2021. Tell me again how that is "limiting your stats" Tyreek, and please try to convince this disgruntled KC fanbase that you didn't do it for the money. This is pro sports, there's no shame in securing a bigger bag, it's part of the game. However do NOT throw the blame back onto the Chiefs for why you left. You already have a negative image to the public, best not soil it by being a liar too man. Yes, you couldn't get open deep as often last year because defenses figured you out, but do you honestly think you'll see more deep balls with TUA as your quarterback? There's a thing called exiting gracefully, and so far LeSean McCoy and Tyreek Hill have done a better job at making buffoons of themselves than being figures in the public eye. Really wish we could play the Dolphins this upcoming season. Good riddance, have fun being underthrown and make sure to not throw a fit when your stats take a dive.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Steaming mad

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