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Little Big League: Royals Win Three Straight off the Backs of Youth

(Were you expecting another Tyreek article? Nah, saving that for tomorrow's podcast, stay tuned)

The Royals are streaking(!!!) and are on a 3 game win streak to pull them out of the depths of last place in the MLB. Here's to hoping this does not save anyone's job as it shouldn't. This horrible start to the season cannot go unpunished, however bright spots have began to show in the form of young talent. Bobby Witt Jr., MJ Melendez, and Emmanuel Rivera all led the charge on offense while also making some spectacular defensive gems. Rivera specifically had some great throws from 3rd to force the infield outs. On the mound, Jonathan Heasley looked like a world beater in yesterday's game, throwing 7 strikeouts on 7 innings pitched with no walks. The youth is going to propel the Royals into being a contender once again, more than likely not this year unless through some miracle of God but, as is almost always the case with the Royals, just wait and see.

The youth will need guidance though, however, and the administration and management that is in place in the current moment should not and hopefully will not be the ones in those positions for very much longer. The Royals are bad because of being stuck in their ways and complete lack of accountability. This team NEEDS youth and progressive ideology to excel, and that starts with getting these young guys playing time and development in a major league role. What's the point in not doing it? At this point in a basically lost season? Bring youth up and get them experience so that the Royals, as a small market team (pretty much the only time this excuse can be made) don't have to buy into guys past their prime like Carlos Santana and others. That has been the main issue with this Royals administration, they don't invest in their youth, something that they did pretty successfully in the days of Alex Gordon, Carlos Beltran, Johnny Damon, and others. It seems scared to do so in fear of being picked apart by big markets like the Yankees and Red Sox. Newsflash though however, THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IF YOU INVEST IN THESE YOUTH AND DON'T USE THEM AS TRADEBAIT, opting to use guys that may have outlived their use such as Whit and Perez. As painful as it is to say, they offer higher market value and you still have the talent to get you along in your more youthful players. Maybe that's just me though.

Burn Notice: 8/10 Royals are HOT y'all

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