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It Can Only Go Up From Here: Royals have Officially Reached Rock Bottom. My Unapologetic Opinion.

The Royals have the worst record in baseball. They also have the worst run differential too, and to top it all off, I'd argue they have the worst management. To have a team with so much young talent and promise, and to squander it in a series of blunders and inaction where there should be action is in my opinion, as a lifelong fan, monumentally disappointing. Not only that though, but to have empty promises of rebuild and improvement only to be met with active decline and apathy from all angles is the icing on top of the (expletive, put whatever word or words you see fit) cake. This team is bad, like, REALLY bad, and it's not even the players' fault.

If this is not any indication that this franchise has hit a new low organizationally and from a management standpoint, I'm not sure what is. The ownership HAS TO clean house at this point, because frankly speaking it seems like no one cares. Not fans, not players, not personnel, shoot hardly even media like myself gives enough of a darn about this franchise because we see no attempt to put out a raging dumpster fire. What needs to be done to give this franchise a kick in the pants? What do we have to do to go up? It starts with top down action, and it starts with sending those that have proven their incompetence packing. Cal Eldred, Mike Matheny, and Dayton Moore are public enemies 1,2, and 3, and its time they see their day in court for what they've done to this team. Yeah, Dayton was there for our fluke 2014 and 2015 World Series appearances (They were flukes, get over it), frankly I do not care. He's been exposed now. The hot seat is burning white, and soon it'll set the whole operation on fire if something is not done NOW. Not at the end of the season, not at the All-Star Break, right now, before you lose more fan support than you already have. You honestly think you'll get a downtown stadium with the numbers you're producing right now? Gimme a break, and yes I know this article was harsh. It's supposed to be, do better Royals. If it can truly only go up from here then let's do so, and soon.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Yes I'd like to report a dumpster fire, Truman Sports Complex and Kauffmann Stadium. Thank you.

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