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Draft Day Eve: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

With the NFL Draft just over 24 hours away, there's been a lot of talk, however not much said from the front office, of what the Chiefs will be doing with their 12 picks. It seems the plans will be kept under wraps until that first pick is made, however we do know what the Chiefs need. As previously explained in my mock drafts, the Chiefs need defensive help more than anything else (Yes, I mean ANYTHING else. I know we also need a receiver or two, but frankly getting a pick like Jameson Williams is a luxury, not a necessity.) and with the Chiefs' options and how deep the draft is at their most pressing needs they can really pick any of their needs at any pick. Like I said in the parentheses above, trading up needs to be an opportunity that presents itself, not a given or a need. If a guy like Williams or by the grace of God one of the top EDGEs falling happens, the Chiefs should capitalize. However only then will it be, at least in my opinion, feasible to trade up. Plenty of talent that would fit well with those late 1st round, early 2nd round prospects.

For the mid round picks, the Chiefs I believe should bolster their needs, as well as make an effort to find offensive line help and running back help. One prospect that I've kind of kept my eye on is Tyler Badie, running back from Mizzou, though I believe he could be gone too early for the Chiefs' liking. Then comes the question of tight end, as Travis Kelce does not have many years left. Plus, if he goes down one of our greatest weapons in a receiving tight end really goes out the window. If the Chiefs can find a good receiving tight end in those mid to later rounds, it would be worth the pick.

In summary, this is more or less a TLDR version (though please do read I appreciate the clicks and shares) of what I have said before. Not much has changed, and in the end we won't know how the draft will pan out until it actually happens. The beauty of the NFL Draft is the complete unpredictability of it all. It's both exciting, and nerve-wracking. It could result in greatness, or utter disappointment, and is one of my favorite sporting events out of all the major sports. My advice? Try not to stress too much about it. The Chiefs will be okay no matter what happens, leave the stress to the guys in the front office, who have already proven they can handle adversity.

Burn Notice: 8/10 Don't #BurnDown Arrowhead if the Chiefs end up picking against your mock draft please. You're not the GM for a reason.

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