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Conversation: What Sports Franchises Would You Want to See Downtown?

In lieu of writing about the continuing trend of the Royals being awful, I wanted to engage the readers (you all) and start a conversation. I wanted to gauge fan theories and explanations regarding a potential stadium or even a new franchise in the downtown area. Obviously there's talks of both the Royals and Chiefs moving by 2031 or sooner, but I wanted to see what fan opinion was on these aspects as well as other potential options. What are those options you ask? Both the NBA and NHL have talked expansion the past couple years and KC has been in the mix for both leagues. KC has had its chance with the Kings and Scouts yes, but it has grown since then and there's been talks about fostering a team at the T-Mobile Center. KCP&L, center of town, and plenty of parking would make for a good spot to have another franchise, so I offer up multiple options here for discussion. Please, give your opinion, shoot offer up another option if you can think of one. Let me know what the KC fanbase wants:

  1. A new stadium for the Royals downtown, Chiefs stay.

  2. A new stadium for both the Chiefs and the Royals, Chiefs to Kansas/another part of Missouri and the Royals downtown.

  3. A new franchise(s), no current teams move.

  4. A new franchise(s) AND Royals downtown, Chiefs stay.

  5. No new franchises, no current teams move.

  6. Other, please explain.

Again, I welcome fan opinion here and encourage you to clarify your answers. The voice of the people will forever be important and I hope to hear some good feedback! What do you want to see in KC in the next decade?

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