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Winning Wiggins: Former KU Star Shines in NBA Finals

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Andrew Wiggins has had a very tumultuous NBA career to this point. He’s had great games, he’s had awful games, and he was on an awful team for an awful long time. Many considered his pro career to be DOA and even a bust, however since coming to Golden State that seems to have made a turnaround.

Wiggins is averaging 20 points a game this NBA Finals, and has made his case for Finals MVP locking up another player with local ties Jayson Tatum, performing exceptionally on offense and defense. If Golden State ends up winning (and if the media doesn’t decide Steph Curry or Jordan Poole deserve it more… with worse play) then I believe Wiggins is an excellent choice, which is a far cry than what I would’ve thought even a year ago. The way he’s turned around his career has proven the ability that Self has to develop players into hard workers and driven, championship minded guys. It’s truly impressive to see what he’s done now that he’s away from the black hole that is the Minnesota Timberwolves, and though he may not have lived up to “The next Lebron” as he was projected to be when he first got drafted, he will still go down as an excellent NBA player and make a Hall of Fame name for himself in the end. For once, I’m a Golden State Warriors fan. Keep on trucking Wig.

Burn Notice: 10/10 *NBA Jam Voice* He’s on Fire!

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