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Conversation: What Do You Want to See More Of?

As I sit here, pondering what to write for today's article as today has been dreadfully slow for KC sports, I'm thinking of you all and what you'd want in an article. Spring and Summer are unfortunately slow months for Kansas City sports, with no NBA or NHL team Spring is hard to write about once college basketball is over, and with how the Royals are doing there's not much to write about aside from them making terrible management decisions and how the team needs to bring in more young talent to develop for the next couple years. I charge upon you, my faithful readers and listeners, to tell me what you'd want to see me give an opinion on, or perhaps what I am missing coverage on. All sports related answers are on the table (I have other opinions but this is a sports blog and if you really wanna know about those opinions you can speak with me directly, or encourage me to start a music blog or something I guess, doubt it'll happen given how busy I am but worth an ask I suppose.)

I've posted a few examples that I can think of that will more than likely be featured in upcoming articles, but let me know your thoughts in the comments below or through social media! Thank you for supporting and your time and energy mean the absolute world. Cheers.

  1. Sports Betting, Bettor Lines, Over/Unders, etc.

  2. UFC fights

  3. Golf

  4. Wild sports trivia/stories

  5. Personal sports related stories (i.e. rugby stories, funny game stories, etc.)

Burn Notice: 10/10 Give me ideas I don't want to just roast the Royals on a daily basis

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