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Chiefs Free Agency: Where do we go from Here?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The draft is over, the Royals aren't doing anything special, and KU football and basketball are in their off-season as a college program, which leaves little to talk about. However there's an intriguing situation brewing for the Chiefs in terms of free agency, and that is what the Chiefs have to do to turn an already good offseason into a fantastic one. One part, at least in my opinion, that they have to accomplish is at least one more free agent signing on the defense. The options are wide spanning here, and while I know the Chiefs had a big draft, there's opportunity to bolster positions that need just that little push to become a stalwart on this team.

Two positions that pique my interest here are defensive back and interior D-line. There's options here at both these positions and the Chiefs could very well make a decent depth chart even better by making these signings. At D-line, picks like Akeem Hicks, Jadaveon Clowney, or even Fletcher Cox if the price is right (he's also getting old) could help out Chris Jones, Frank Clark, and a very young and inexperienced D-line in building a solid front. The Chiefs lost Jarran Reid and could use another veteran presence.

As for defensive back, the Chiefs lost a ton of veteran talent here. Rookies are great, but the Chiefs top 3 corners are L'Jarius Sneed, Rashad Fenton, and an unproven (at least at the pro level) Trent McDuffie. That's a fairly weak cornerback room. If the Chiefs can pick up James Bradberry or perhaps Joe Haden or Chris Harris to have veteran mentorship (and once again, IF the price is right) then they could make a decent situation a great one with just one move. Having that veteran presence could bring out the late round rookies vying for a position on the starting roster, and could give the Chiefs breathing room in terms of development and player growth if one of these guys signs a 1 to 3 year deal.

Overall, the best thing for the Chiefs to do from here is to continue to help out Patrick Mahomes and the coaches into working this team into a success for the long term. The way they do that is build rookies and young players, while also having the veteran presence to help educate and develop while also being good at their position to help win games. The Chiefs can absolutely do that with signing one or two more free agents, and while they're in a good enough spot now, I don't think that's good enough for Brett Veach and company.

Burn Notice: 7/10 Anybody else feel like they were in a convection oven walking outside today???

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