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Burning Question: What Else Do You Wanna Hear About From Me???

I've been mulling over this idea for a while, and hearing from my fellow writers and podcasters that cover sports I've learned that it could potentially be to my benefit. My time is becoming a bit more free with graduate school slowing down as well as the college football season ending, so it's time for a content assessment. However, I wanted to consult you all to see what exactly I would branch out to/do with my content. I'm going to continue to focus on Burn KC articles and the ScorchCast, but wanted to see what else I could produce that you all would enjoy. I ask you, the fans of The Burn KC Sports Talk, what else do you want to hear about from me? I know sports is the bread and butter and what I've focused on for about 2 years now, but I am considering branching out into a few different subject matters. Let me know what you think of these three options, and let me know if there's something else you want me to sink my teeth into!

Option 1: Music and Vinyl Reviews

I know I certainly would NOT be the first to delve into this, but as someone who collects vinyl and has a wide array of music tastes, I've considered potentially jumping into music review and vinyl review. Go check out my Spotify if you want to know what kind of music I listen to (and please don't judge me on playlist names) Ablckburn54

Option 2: Video Essays of Topics I'm Interested In

Video essays have quickly become a favorite genre of mine on YouTube. Just people talking about whatever they please in the form of a video. I've seen video essays on history subjects, pop culture, conspiracy theories, and others, and I'm intrigued to see what you'd want to see me talk about. I know a thing or two about history, sports, music, and random pop culture events, and want to potentially put my random knowledge into video format.

Option 3: Sports Alternative History

Finally, I wanted to delve into another YouTube favorite of mine: Alternative history. Specifically, SPORTS alternative history. What would happen to the landscape of sport if XYZ happened instead of ABC? What if the Atlanta Falcons had maintained their 28-3 lead? What if the NFL and AFL never merged? What if basketball became the premier American sport over football? All these questions are to be answered in a sort of assessment akin to option 2, in the form of a video essay or in the form of an article on The Burn website, depending on what the topic is.

Those are three options that I've been mulling over intently. I could delve into all 3 (Though probably not, I won't have THAT much free time to spend) or I could delve into something completely different. That choice, I leave to you, my audience, though in the end, I'm going to do what I want. I do however want to know what you all prefer. Please let me know over social media what you'd like to see me do! I probably won't create an entire website but will create a separate YouTube/social media if it's the music or video essay format. Let me know your thoughts and as always, thank you for being a loyal supporter!

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