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Are the Chiefs "Good Enough" for the Coming Year?

The Chiefs have made a host of off-season moves that, for better or for worse, have left the Chiefs in the situation they are in now. Many across Chiefs Kingdom are debating whether or not they need to do more however to be competitive and make a Super Bowl. Many even question whether a Super Bowl should be the goal this year, or to just develop the young talent coming in and play the long game. Winning a Super Bowl should be the goal every year really, but I understand the sentiment.

The question posed though is are the Chiefs good enough to win the AFC West or secure a playoff spot? I think most in Chiefs Kingdom would pose that as the baseline for a Patrick Mahomes led team, including myself really. The Chiefs have three (maybe even four) positions in particular that needed to see improvement and bolstering this off-season, and today I'll go into each of them and be the judge on whether or not they've done enough. This is my opinion of course, and I would love to know your thoughts. Shoot, I'll even put out a poll.

The Pass Rush: With the addition of George Karlaftis and Leo Chenal, the Chiefs indeed got better with bolstering their pass rush with the NFL Draft. However, I do not think it is where it can be, and possibly where it needs to be given the AFC West quarterbacks. One more addition would have been nice, such as Akeem Hicks (Now a Buccaneer) or Jadaveon Clowney (Back with the Browns) but it seems as if the Chiefs are banking on Frank Clark having a career year, as well as the rookies and current players having at the very least pretty good years. My concern for this position is still very high, but if other positions can make up for it such as the secondary, it could be a non-issue.

The Secondary: Speaking of which, the secondary also built up heavy in the draft, with additions of Trent McDuffie, Bryan Cook, and other late round picks to add depth. Top that with Justin Reid coming on in free agency and the secondary, which was once thought to be an upcoming liability for the Chiefs, seems serviceable. Is serviceable good enough though? It truly depends on whether or not guys like McDuffie and Cook live up to the hype, and if Justin Reid can take on Tyrann Mathieu's role as the leader of this very young secondary, or even La'Jarius Sneed. Better outlook though than the pass rush, in my opinion.

Wide Receivers: This one I think people freaked out the most irrationally over. The Chiefs got depth, talent, and potential this offseason at wide receiver. The key word here is DEPTH. No more depending on solely Tyreek Hill, who is now with the Dolphins if you did not already know that (and is also a gigantic troll I think but I've already written and talked about that) The Chiefs can spread the ball around though and unlock the high ceilings of Juju Smith-Shuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, Skyy Moore, perhaps Justyn Ross, and others on a very deep receiving corps. They will be fine at this position and perhaps if everyone lives up to their potential elite. Patrick Mahomes could very well bring out the best in these guys that have been good, but never truly great. Completely not worth the fuss though, they will be fine here.

BONUS The Offensive Line: The Chiefs need to pay Orlando Brown Jr. at some point, whether that be this year or next it needs to happen if they expect to maintain a good offensive line to protect Mahomes. The addition of Darian Kinnard helps, and of course the presence and youth of Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey is also huge, but the Chiefs need Orlando Brown Jr. on that blind side. Having to depend on anyone else of less talent may spell trouble for a division that got Khalil Mack back (and on the opposite side of Joey Bosa), has Maxx Crosby and Jonathan Hankins, and Bradley Chubb to protect against as well.

Overall, do I believe the Chiefs could be good this year? Absolutely. Is it a guarantee? Absolutely not. Yes, Patrick Mahomes will always put you in contention, however with the behemoth of a division that is on the horizon we have to exercise caution when making bold claims. Same goes for the Chiefs front office, if Veach and Co. think they'll be good enough then so be it, but I really feel like not making one or two insurance moves may bite the Chiefs in the butt come crunch time. Again, I'd love to know all your thoughts on the matter, and if you have anything to add please let me know. I'll be putting a poll out to gauge basic opinion on the matter, but comments may be featured in an upcoming podcast. Stay tuned and #BurnItDown !

Burn Notice: 8/10 Summer in KC, where the Royals are an afterthought and the Chiefs offseason is bigger news than whatever they're doing (Though I will absolutely be going in on them ONCE AGAIN tomorrow, more than likely at least)

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