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A Royal Recap: A Change is Gonna Come

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The Royals have gone 3-9 in their last 12 games, leading to an 8-15 overall record, worst in the American League. You can't blame them for trying, the teams they've played in that 12 game stretch are almost certainly going to the playoffs, and it seems as if the Royals are a team still trying to find their footing this season. The offense is inept, the bullpen is inconsistent, and luck really just isn't on the Royals' side either. So what needs to change?

Well for starters, this next batch of games will be prove it or lose it for many Royals players. If they can't find their footing, it's goodbye to the minors for me. The Royals have the minor league talent, the minor league talent just needs to be more consistently good, however at one point do we say to heck with development and we give guys like Pratto, Rivera, or Melendez trial by fire? That may be what it takes, because the talent that's there now needs immediate improvement. Salvy needs to start connecting with those home run swings, Whit just needs to connect in general, and my GOD how is Brady Singer still in the majors? There's holes that can be filled by someone that is motivated to be good and will improve their craft, and I think the so-called "stalwarts" on this Royals roster need to remember that nothing is guaranteed. Put up or shut up mentality.

As for how the Royals make the playoffs? Luckily they're in probably the worst division in the AL and possibly the MLB right now, so that makes things easier. However as I have mentioned in my past articles the key to the Royals winning is consistency, which is far from what we've seen from the offense or defense. You can't coach consistency unfortunately, you can only drill it until hopefully it sticks. No more changes in game, just play Royals baseball. It is how you won in 2015, and it's how you win now. Play within your boundaries and do your job. You've dug a hole early in the season, but there's still plenty of time to dig yourself out. The Royals can do it, so don't lose faith just yet, but keep watch on some key positions and assets to the team. A change will come, the Royals have the talent, just depends on if it's this season or next, and depends on who performs in the Royals organization and who doesn't.

Burn Notice: 6/10 Royals Bats when I critique them (You saw them beat the Cards after I pointed out their complete offensive ineptitude right??? Gosh too bad they're off today...)

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