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7 Round Mock Draft 2.0

With the draft just over one week away, I figured to create yet another mock draft to highlight just how many options the Chiefs have this draft. Keep in mind, with that many options it should be hard to mess up, however there's great expectations for the Chiefs for that exact reason. Below is the draft I made via

Some notes I want to emphasize here (instead of explaining every pick like last time as that made that article quite long) In my first draft I said we should hammer secondary with the early to mid round picks, in reality I just meant we have to bolster our pass defense in general, which means picking up pass rush as well. Chiefs needed EDGE to begin with, but selections like Dominique Robinson and Kyron Johnson are overlooked, potential gems to help our pass rush. Robinson is a true pass rushing EDGE with a ton of upside. He's fast, explosive, and long. Combining the burst and length will prove invaluable. As for Johnson, he's smaller as he used to play inside linebacker, however off the edge could provide some outside pressures. His Senior Bowl tapes are also outstanding, and is quickly rising as one of my favorite late round steals. With good pass coverage and play recognition he's intelligent as well. Nick Bonitto is my favorite EDGE prospect however, as the Chiefs have had success with OU guys, and has some of the best pass rush I've seen personally watching him wreck offenses in the Big 12. My final note is on George Pickens, I see a lot of Jameson Williams talk going around, and while I would like Williams or Olave we would have to trade up. If Williams and Olave are off the board or we don't trade up, Pickens is a great option. His athleticism and deep play capability will be a good addition, however his off the field stuff will need to be nipped in the butt. As we've seen with past Chiefs players, that really isn't a problem with the organization. Overall, we hammer defense this draft, with a few wide receivers and other offensive positions in between. I like a late round tight end to provide the Travis Kelce replacement (he's getting old and we don't want to hit the free agency market for a tight end honestly) and I think a tackle pick would help bolster our exterior o-line. Perhaps even a third down back can be found too. In the end, I once again trust in #VeachBlackMagic and am looking forward to see what he does with the picks. Next year too, draft is in KC, we have 11 picks, and we'll get a preview of what we could see in that draft this draft. I'm hyped.

Burn Notice: 10/10 The Cane's I just had. Pure fire.

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