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50/50 Ball: Will the Royals Break .500?

As I write this post, the Royals have just lost a game to the Twins to dip back below .500 at 5-6. This has them finish 3-3 on the homestand, perfectly cromulent and average, as Royals baseball seems to hold steady at these days. However, things aren't all mediocre and sad, there's good things about the 2022 Royals thus far. A major example is the bullpen, which was surprisingly stout throughout the homestand. If they can keep with the big innings, the defense can hold firm, and the bats can wake up, the Royals can easily be a great baseball team.

That's just it though, it seems whenever one thing gets going for the Royals, something else falls flat. Royals get offense going, the pitching goes cold. The pitching is outstanding, the batters give them no help. Both of those are firing on all cylinders, defensive errors abound, and frankly depending on the game you never know what you're going to get. The only consistent factor? Remaining on or around .500. For a team that wants to play playoff baseball and bring another championship to a city that has had much experience with them as of late, this is inexcusable. The Royals have a SEVERE consistency problem, and have really for a very long time. Once again, the small market excuse only goes so far, and the Royals need to figure out a way to get things going on all cylinders, or at the very least pick up the slack on a game by game basis like they have with some of these wins this year. If things keep going the way they are they will be at .500 to end the season, perhaps a couple games worse as the way they are playing is not sustainable even for breaking even. Don't depend on the bullpen, or anyone for that matter, to bail you out, if you need to hinge on a part of your game for that period then so be it, but it cannot be like that the whole season if you want a playoff spot. As long as there's wins, that is all that matters, and this organization needs them this year if certain people want to keep their jobs.

Burn Notice: 5/10, A perfectly mid score for a perfectly mid team (That can absolutely be better)

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