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Young Guys Get a SHOT (Get It) and Take Advantage: Royals Win 3-1 over the Jays

The Royals are a disgrace of the MLB and KC currently. Bottom-feeders, inept leadership, and now the most recent blunder of 10 unvaccinated players not travelling with the team to Toronto because of Canada's COVID mandates. Was that a complete loss though however? The results of tonight's game don't seem to think so. The Royals, with the youngest lineup they've had in years, went to Toronto and put on a show. The highlights included a home run from Bobby Witt Jr., and a first hit, first big league home run for Nathaniel Eaton. Add a little bit of pitching prowess from newcomer Angel Zerpa with 5 solid innings, as well as a great relief effort from the bullpen, and the Royals looked like a complete team for the first time in a while.

What does this mean for the Royals in the long run though? Can the Royals management finally see that the young guys need to be played? One game yes, is really not a big enough sample size, if the Royals focus was on WINNING of course and not preparing for the long game. In my opinion, this should be more than enough reason to play the young guys. The Blue Jays are a solid team, not as good as they've been but still above average in terms of the major leagues, and this ragtag team of young bucks beat them pretty handily. That says something, and should echo throughout the organization. Forget the opinions of Mike Matheny, Dayton Moore, if he wants to save his job, does this. If he doesn't, then both Matheny AND Moore should walk. It would make it very clear that they're not focused on this team's long term improvement. The Royals are 13 games back in the Division, and 17 games below .500, which isn't last place in the division or the league like they were earlier in the year. However, this game shows that the Royals do not need the same old song and dance to win games, in fact quite the opposite. Make this lineup into both a developmental project, and a team that tries to win games. It can be done, and could very well save the jobs of most of the front office (I am still of the opinion that Cal Eldred needs to be fired though)

Burn Notice: 10/10 Late night bonfire tonight folks, I'm going to bed.

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