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Women are Winners: KU Women's Basketball 6-0 After Statement Win

KU Men's Basketball has long since been a mainstay among college basketball's finest programs. Multiple championships, conference titles, player of the year contenders and winners, and a tradition of winning to the point of where if the team doesn't get past the Sweet Sixteen it's a disappointment. The same can't quite be said for the women's program. They've won some conference titles, the most recent being in 1997, but have not made it to the Sweet Sixteen since 2013. A few notable players such as Lynette Woodard and Tamecka Dixon, but not nearly as many as the men. Overall, a pretty average program for a university that isn't exactly keen to "average" basketball.

These ladies may have turned a corner though, however, as last year saw their first NCAA Tournament berth since 2013 and a pretty successful year overall. Judging by how this year is going so far though, that may have just been the baseline. KU women's basketball is making a turn, and a turn for the better at that. They're 6-0 and are absolutely boat racing teams that in past years would have handled them. Exhibit A was this past game against a solid Texas A&M squad, which has been ranked in years past. The Hawks beat them 74-42, a far cry from even how last year's squad would have fared. This team is winning and winning big. Aside from a nailbiter against UT-Arlington 79-74, they've won each of their games by double digits, with their biggest victory so far coming against UT-Rio Grande Valley 73-43. Led by sharpshooter Holly Kersgieter as well as great performances from Taiyanna Jackson, Zakiyah Franklin, and Wyvette Mayberry, this team is riding a high not felt since 2013. They'll have a big road test against 14th ranked Arizona on December 8th, and if they can come away with a win there I think we have seen the official coming out party of KU women's basketball. It will not be easy, but winning a matchup against a ranked opponent on the road never is. Just ask the KU men's team, but let's start to shift some focus towards this women's program. They have a ton of potential and a ton of talent, and with how they've been playing they are going to command your respect and attention. Not only that, but they will only add to the winning traditions of KU Basketball as a brand, and in the end KU Athletics will continue to improve under the direction of Travis Goff.

Burn Notice: 9/10 Hawks are cookin'

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