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Twice as Nice: Chiefs Win Their 2nd Super Bowl in Four Years 38-35 Over the Eagles

If you're like me, then you woke up this morning in a pretty fantastic mood (That or a severe hangover for those that chose to party hard last night, hopefully you can still feel good today too. You all are troopers, and you'll get through this.) Why you may ask, if you have been living under a rock? Well, a small event called Super Bowl 57 was yesterday, and the Chiefs played football in it. Played football and ended up winning the game, thus causing pandemonium throughout the city. The 38-35 win showcased the Chiefs' resolve and comeback abilities, and showed just how many bitter people there are because their prediction was wrong, or their team did not win. It also showed why Mahomes won MVP, and why he is quickly climbing the ranks of best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Let's talk about it, shall we?

Let's start with the game itself. The Chiefs couldn't get a word in edgewise in the first half when it came to time of possession. The Eagles simply dominated that aspect, as the defense couldn't get the strong Eagles offense off the field. One exception was Jalen Hurts going full on Jameis Winston and just dropping the ball on the field where Nick Bolton scooped and scored. The grand totals for time of possession? 24:13 for the Chiefs, 35:47 for the Eagles. Only about 4 minutes shy of the Super Bowl record at 40:33 set by the Giants in Super Bowl 25. Much of that came in the first half, because while it was still a close game, one defense turned it around and got key stops in the second half, while the other did not. The Chiefs showed the perfect balanced offense and ran plays at will in the second half, putting up 24 points to the Eagles 14. Not only that, but the Eagles showed no urgency when they realized their offensive plan of keeping the lion's share of time of possession actually backfired once they fell behind. The coaching was superior for the Chiefs, guys like Kadarius Toney, Skyy Moore, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Isiah Pacheco all made key plays when they needed to, and overall the Eagles were outclassed by a team that had more versatility and poise in the big game. Mahomes finished 21/27 with 182 yds, 3 TDs, o sacks, and 44 yards rushing, winning him the MVP. Props to Jalen Hurts however, who finished 27/38 with 304 yds and 4 TDs. He certainly deserves recognition as he played miraculously, and stat-wise was the better QB, however his defense let him down when presented the tall task of containing Mahomes and the behemoth known as the Chiefs offense. The Chiefs defense may have bent but did enough to win the game. By the way, we're not going to talk about THAT penalty, as not only were there plenty of other more controversial calls/no-calls throughout the game, but it had zero impact on the outcome. The Chiefs proved they were the better team, the player in coverage admitted to the hold, and in the end Cheffers isn't exactly the guy that would bail out the Chiefs. I guess we talked a bit about it, but that's the extent of what I'll get into. However, this leads me into my next point...

A LOT of people were proven wrong by the Chiefs last night. The blatant disrespect (Mostly by those that believe the only parts of the US are the east and west coasts) that media pundits show Patrick Mahomes and this Chiefs team is potent, and a lot of that got put to bed last night. Granted, a lot of those pundits went down kicking and screaming about everything, from the hold call to Jalen Hurts "outplaying" Mahomes (Quantity doesn't exactly match quality of plays mind you, and he did still lose...) but they still recognized and finally respected what we are seeing with Mahomes and this Kansas City Chiefs squad. We are witnessing a dynasty being born, and so long as Mahomes is healthy and in KC, this dynasty by all means will continue. As the saying goes, "You always have a chance with Mahomes" and there's no lies in that statement. The Chiefs are perennial contenders when Patrick Mahomes is at the helm. Andy Reid, Travis Kelce, and others play their parts masterfully yes, but Mahomes is the key motivator and catalyst behind this success. He is becoming the Michael Jordan of the NFL, and now everyone knows. Now, putting guys like Josh Allen, Lamar, Joe Burrow, and others ahead of him only shows delusion and/or lack of knowledge, because after last night there's simply no merit to that argument. Personally, I relished in the humbling of the naysayers, those that paid no attention to KC because they didn't fit the narrative. You can all shut up now, and witness greatness. If you cannot consider Mahomes to be among greats such as Brady, Montana, Elway, and others, then I can't trust your opinion on the sport, and neither should others. A reminder, he is nowhere near the end of his career we could see the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time. This is merely just the beginning, and it's about time those that have shown this franchise and this man so much disrespect and ignorance pay their just dues.

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, as a born and raised local I am beyond proud of the steps this franchise has taken. From the hiring of Andy Reid back in 2013, to drafting Mahomes in '17, all the way up to building squads around him via Brent Veach and his black magic ways. Those three men can be considered the key architects, and they deserve all the respect in the whole world considering where this franchise was before them. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Fireworks well into the night, celebrating our champions.

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