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This I Promise You: Timberlake to KU

(The title goes out to my NSYNC fans out there, and those who enjoy quirky little rhymes)

The Jayhawks landed their first transfer portal recruit this cycle in Nick (Not Justin) Timberlake, a sharpshooting guard with a lot of length and a lot of potential. A 41% 3-shooter, Timberlake will bring a needed shooting presence to the Jayhawks, who are currently full of either inconsistent or unproven perimeter shooters at the moment. Not only that, Timberlake has no trouble driving the lane and creating offensive opportunities. He scores 17.7 PPG and has a 45% FG percentage. He also averages around 3 assists a game. Pairing a shooter like him with Dajuan Harris will only further build those opportunities for both him and the other Jayhawks. A shooting presence on the court takes away defensive eyes from other players that could potentially make an impact, and with a field general like Dajuan Harris on the court as well as Self at the helm coaching, this pickup could prove to be bigger than another potential pickup in a specific big man everyone (including myself) has been talking about. Self has survived and thrived even without a proven post guy through building upon the backcourt, though a Hunter Dickinson pickup could make this team that much stronger. Overall, this is why I wanted Timberlake over Dickinson for KU, he brings a dimension in once again where Bill Self thrives, and that's the perimeter offense and playmaking (Again though, don't expect them to stop pursuing Hunter Dickinson)

Now for opinion time. After what happened about 90 miles away with David Castillo choosing Kansas State over the Jayhawks, this is a big pickup in that regard as well, and don't think KU is done. Everyone saying Jerome Tang somehow proved that he is a better recruiter than Bill Self, one of the most proven basketball coaches of all time, should be eating their words. The mere thought of Castillo somehow being this trump card is laughable, honestly. One recruit does not define anything, the quality and quantity of said recruits does. KU could mold Timberlake into the next great KU guard and has proven he can play, Castillo is completely unproven at the college level and could turn out to be a bust, as we've seen with overhyped recruits before. Stars matter, yes, and in terms of that, Castillo does trump Timberlake 5-4, but I think Bill wants a proven player over a high school recruit. By the way, KU leads in the "marquee high school guard" department too, with Elmarko Jackson and Marcus Adams, Jr. The fact that somehow, some way there were certified media pundits questioning Self's ability to recruit is insulting, and I think Self is about to make them pay for even doubting his recruiting prowess. He is already on that path by securing Timberlake, and like I said, he's certainly not done. That is what separates big brother from little, Hall of Famer from 2nd year head coach. Self is saying "Bye, bye, bye" to the haters with this move, and it's certainly "Tearin' up the hearts" of all those who doubted him (Okay I'll stop sorry)

Burn Notice: 10/10 Burn Bringin' SexyBack (Yeah)

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