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The Upside Down: Jayhawks and Cats Victorious, but Inept Chiefs and Tigers Look Lost

In the era of Stranger Things, I sometimes question my reality. An explosive offense, a bend but don't break defense, and a quarterback garnering national and league-wide attention all on one team...And it's the Kansas FOOTBALL Jayhawks. Not the Chiefs, not the Tigers, kind of the Wildcats? For sure the Jayhawks though. Wait, you're telling me we're actually living this universe? That the Chiefs had one of the worst games of the Andy Reid era and the offense looks completely out of sync, with a defense that isn't a liability? You mean a Missouri Tigers team chokes away leads, has incredibly bad luck, and has the equivalent to Turner Gill as a head coach PER CARRINGTON HARRISON HIMSELF? Wait that's actually not all that out of the ordinary.

Yes, we are currently living in the football equivalent of the Upside Down. Let's talk the good first. Kansas Football is 4-0 for the first time since 2009. With their best coaching staff since Mangino, their best quarterback since Todd Reesing, and overall a team that just feels completely different from Jayhawk football teams of years' past, the Jayhawks continue their momentum with a 35-27 win over the Duke Blue Devils (No, not basketball. That would be a comically low score for basketball) This team looks poised to make noise with a top ten in the nation offense, and with a couple adjustments to "just getting used to being good" as well as limiting the big play susceptibility on defense, this team could be a force to be reckoned with. Then there's the K-State Wildcats, moving to 3-1 on the year with a statement win over Oklahoma 41-34. Adrian Martinez and the Wildcat offense were extremely clutch against a very tough OU squad. They didn't back down from the challenge however, and have found themselves ranked 25th in the nation (Much to the ire of Jayhawks fans given the better record #RankThem #HawksAreGood) I knew Deuce Vaughan and Adrian Martinez would be a dangerous combo, and I was proven exactly right with last night.

Now for the bad, the Missouri Tigers look to be on the ropes. They're 2-2, but one of those teams where you know they would get walked by a team with any sort of credibility. Plain and simple, they don't look great. The offense is inept, the defense is fine enough but when your offense just straight up doesn't produce and keep the ball, it turns to ruin. Then there's special teams, a unit that does not exist, just like Missouri's good luck. 3 different times the Tigers were screwed by their own bad karma in yesterday's game against well...the Auburn Tigers (It's ironic, they beat themselves if you don't pay attention to the school names. Fitting.) The cherry on top of the sundae served with Choke-a Cola was the fumble in the end zone on the game winning score by Nathaniel Peat. Unfortunately, your offense has to be more dimensional than just giving the ball to Luther Burden. Cope Mizzou, then again you may be used to this pain by now.

Not to be forgotten though, however, the Chiefs were unrecognizable in today's game vs. the Indianapolis Colts. When I tell you this was the most frustrating game of football I have watched in a very long time, I'm not joking. Lost voice or not, I was screaming at the TV with every mistake the Chiefs notched, and boy there was a lot of them. The offense was out of sync, way too many stupid penalties, a potential disconnect between Patrick Mahomes and the coaching, and an absolutely BRUTAL display of special teams. It just wasn't good, plain and simple. Something has felt off the past three games frankly, and it needs to be remedied before the Chiefs hit more divisional competition. They also play Tom Brady next week, Tom Brady coming off a loss. Having 10 days to prepare for this game against the Colts to show out like that makes me extremely nervous. I believe they will figure it out, however it needs to be quick. The season goes on, and the Chiefs need to dust themselves off and adjust before things get bad.

A truly wild sequence this weekend leaves me exhausted and mildly exasperated, but the refreshing energy of Jayhawk football as well as watching Tom Brady and Duke lose in the same weekend gave me some catharsis. I certainly hope the Chiefs turn it around and the Jayhawks can continue their unbeaten streak, perhaps all the way to a Big 12 Championship? I mean...Stranger Things have happened...You think they'll sponsor me after this article?

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