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The Ugliest KU Basketball Win I've Ever Seen

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

KU topped Providence to advance to the Elite 8 and to 1st place in all time wins in what seemed to be some weird version of basketball where the ball's greased and the referees are blindfolded. Sloppy handling, some bad fouls, and an overall complacent performance grinded out to an eventual 66-61 KU win. I ignored the Chinese food I ordered for the entire 2nd half because of the absolute organized chaos of every possession was, and by that time? It was mostly in Providence's favor, so there may have been a few curse words thrown around. It only makes sense that one of the KU players to prevail through the chaos was Remy Martin, a player that thrives in chaos and loudness.

The energy that Martin brought to the court was pretty much the sole reason KU won that game. Ochai's poor shot selection, Dave was... Dave, and an off night for Christian Braun and Dajuan Harris all had to be redeemed by stellar performances from Jalen Wilson and Remy. Shoot, I'm not fully convinced KU shouldn't start Wilson at the 5 next game. Speaking of next game however, KU has the tall task of going against old friend Charlie Moore and a 6'10" man that can catch fire at any point in Sam Waardenburg. KU can NOT repeat the same mistakes they had in this game if they expect to even stay in it, let alone win. Big Dave will also have to have a good night perimeter defending, something he has struggled with all season. The Elite 8 has been a thorn in KU's backside before, however if the shots can fall and defending can be air tight then KU absolutely has a shot to blow Miami out of the water. Proceed with caution though.

Burn Notice: 9/10 Miami please don't play heartbreaker to (at least a decent portion) of this city a 2nd time.

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