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The Problem With Expecting Perfection: The Story of (At Least Some of) the Chiefs Fanbase

2008: Brodie Croyle and Damon Huard were the Chiefs' starting signal callers. Can't forget Tyler Thigpen either. All star players are basically gone, the offense was completely inept, and the Chiefs suffered their worst ever loss by 52 to another lowly team in the Buffalo Bills.

2012: Matt Cassel is now the starter. After a good 2010 and 2011 season, things were looking up for the Chiefs. One of the league's best running backs, a stellar pass rusher in Tamba Hali, and a new, big bodied, 1st round talent Jonathan Baldwin catching the passes. Fast forward a few games later, and fans are booing Matt Cassel as he is taken off for a concussion.

This is what rock bottom looks like. This is abysmal football at its most abysmal, these were the Chiefs of yesteryear. Fast forward to 2019-2020, and the Chiefs are hoisting the Lombardi with one of the greatest QB talents in NFL history. Now let's look at today, the Chiefs are 4-2, coming off a stinger against the new rival (and aforementioned but also completely turned around) Buffalo Bills. Patrick Mahomes threw two costly interceptions, the run game coaching is questionable, and injuries and suspensions have taken their toll. That's just it though, the thing is, the Chiefs will be just fine. They'll be a playoff team, they still have the best chance at the division, and still have one of the greatest quarterbacks and coaches ever at the helm. Yet, if you talked to a significant sector of Chiefs' fans, the sky is falling and we have to burn everything down and start over.

What kind of thought process causes someone to think like this? The reactionary nature, the rashness, the over the top hyperboles? Delusion. Straight up delusion, topped with a complete disregard for the Chiefs' past. It happens every single time the Chiefs lose, calls for firing Andy Reid/Eric Bienemy/Steve Spagnuolo/Brett Veach, calls to restructure Mahomes's contract, calls to throw the entire remaining cap space at needless additions such as OBJ, Christian McCaffery, or even DJ Moore, the list goes on. Whether it be the trade block or the hot seat, every Chiefs fan has to have an opinion on something that shouldn't even be in the conversation. Please come back to reality and realize that the Chiefs are still a good football team, and that they will not be perfect. Not even the 1972 Dolphins or the 2007 Patriots were, they all had their holes. Come to think of it, I remember similar talk around this time in the '19-'20 season, you know, when the Chiefs won the SUPER BOWL.

My point being is this, we can react to a Chiefs loss, but can we as a fanbase PLEASE know what we're talking about before we spout off on a topic that we have no knowledge on? Patrick Mahomes is still the best QB in the NFL right now (Josh Allen looks fantastic, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't make the throws that Patrick does and isn't nearly as clutch. Yes I know Mahomes wasn't clutch on Sunday, but the overall record still stands.) the defense is solid and performed really well with a lot of young guys stepping up and playing through adversity, and we do not need to go DEFCON 5 on the Chiefs. It is one loss, and as was the case last year, more than likely the Chiefs will see the Bills in the postseason. Getting pass rushing help would be beneficial, but not breaking the bank or giving up loads of draft capital for it. The front office and coaching staff knows exactly what they're doing, and frankly? The energy is completely different in that locker room than in the fanbase, which is a telling sign that someone is in the wrong here, and it's not the guys who are in the locker room. Lighten up, chill out, and enjoy the ride. The Chiefs aren't losers or doormats anymore, and it's time to stop expecting perfection from a group of professional that are, in fact, not perfect and are human beings. Use that energy to clown the Raiders or Broncos, they're the ones that deserve it. Broncos' Country, Let's overspend on a QB that was always a system QB, has shown why he has never won an MVP, and is an insufferable teammate. You guys are doing terrific. I will not clown the Raiders here, Coach Pearson we will save that for another time. Feel like things still need to cool off after last Monday night.

Burn Notice: 1/10 Chiller than chill

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