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The NBA Hawks: Summer League Starts Out With a Bang, Graham Puts Career in Jeopardy with DWI.

Life is give and take. You take the bitter with the sweet and you strive to be your truest self. Like Bill Self, be like Bill. Be yourSELF... except when being yourself gets you in trouble with the law. There's good and there's bad with this week in NBA Hawk history, as Summer Leaguers shined like the sun, however as is life, there is give and take.

As that weirdly proverbial paragraph pointed out, it's been a long week for Jayhawk fans. The anticipation of Summer League came to fruition, as Christian Braun, Ochai Agbaji, and David McCormack all competed for spots on an NBA squad in their first summer league matchups. Below is the rundown of stats via

Ochai Agbaji (CLE): 33 minutes, 16 pts 5-11 FG, 4-9 3pt,3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 fouls

Christian Braun (DEN): 30 minutes, 18 pts, 8-17 FG, 1-7 3pt, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 foul

David McCormack (MIN): 19 minutes, 10 pts, 5-9 FG, 0-1 3pt, 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 3 fouls

As you can see, double digit games from ALL 3 of the Summer League Rookies. Devon Dotson and Marcus Garrett are also set to make their Summer League debuts as well with the Wizards and Heat respectively. I was excited to see the Summer League rookies compete for sure, but I can't wait to see what a healthy Marcus Garrett and Devon Dotson can do. The rookies were outstanding and I'm looking forward to see what they can do further in the league, and if David can earn a final roster spot. It's looking good...except one part. On Thursday around 3am, Devonte Graham was charged with a DWI in his home city of Raleigh, North Carolina. He was driving 63 in a 40, and blew a .11 BAC. His bond is set at $3000 and is set to appear in court July 22nd (via

This puts a black spot on the start of Summer League for former Jayhawks. Devonte Graham was beginning to flourish, becoming a fantastic 6th man for the New Orleans Pelicans, and being assistant to LaMelo Ball in Charlotte. He was injured last year which took down his playing time a wide margin, but with the upcoming offseason he had a chance to bounce back. This was perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to him, and the worst possible time. His NBA career is in jeopardy now, New Orleans will more than likely terminate the contract as he's more than likely going to be suspended. He will also not be able to play in Summer League, which could have been detrimental to proving naysayers wrong and working back from injury. It's a shame that a great weekend so far was started with a KU legend being arrested. I wish him the best, but also he faces the consequences of his actions, it's disappointing but it's reality. The Jayhawk fanbase still has stories to look forward to and potential NBA legends to be made, so do not fret too much. With the way they're performing now chances are they could very well achieve great heights in the NBA.

Burn Notice: 9/10 Talking about the Heat and Summer League really makes me want a glass of water...

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