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The Maybes Pt. 3: Braun Bound for the NBA

The first Maybe has made his decision. Christian Braun has decided to stay in the NBA Draft process, and forgo his senior year at Kansas. After a stellar performance at the combine, I can't say I blame him. His numbers looked great and he performed well in scrimmage, and from what I am hearing his interviews went well too. If you're upset about him leaving, then frankly you haven't been paying very much attention to the matter. Braun looks NBA ready, and is easily a first round talent. Here's to hoping however he doesn't end up on the Kings or another NBA dumpster fire...

As for what this means for the team, as well as the rest of the Maybes, let's start with what this means for Jalen Wilson. Wilson had a pretty average combine, putting up average numbers and didn't exactly shine in the scrimmages. That's not to say he didn't get anything out of it however, and he now has DOUBLE the NBA experience he had once before. Does this mean he comes back though? My opinion, if Wilson chooses to go elsewhere I think that hurts his chances at the NBA. He knows Self's system, was just starting to thrive in it, and could get valuable TV time and time in front of scouts, especially if this team shapes up to be what it is shaping up to be which we will get to later in this article. If Wilson comes back, he has a chance to be a star and to increase his stock, whereas if he goes overseas or to another college he's in unfamiliar territory and will have to do more work to prove himself. The choice is his however, he may even stay in the draft process and go G-League, however I don't believe that is the best fit for him either given how he performed at the combine. Just a little more time, and Jalen could be great.

For the team, Braun leaving leaves a wide open spot for KU commit (if he chooses not to stay in the draft process) Kevin McCullar. We've already talked about McCullar in previous articles, but he was a fantastic defensive standout for conference rival Texas Tech. Pair him up with Dajuan Harris and that team will lock down any opposing backcourt. Top that off with Wilson's return, the potential to bring on Tyrese Hunter out of Iowa State, and even (as heard from a little birdy today) locking in on Texas transfer guard Courtney Ramey, and this squad could very well repeat not only as Big 12 champions, but as national champions. Loading the roster with transfer talent is just another way Bill Self reups and reloads, and this could very well be one of his biggest years yet. Christian Braun will be sorely missed, but in the end his leaving could prove to be a win for the Hawks.

Burn Notice: 9/10 I will definitely miss Braun's competitive fire, absolutely unmatched.

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