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The Maybes Pt. 2: Key Potential Returners Testing the Waters

Braun, McCormack, and Wilson have all declared for the NBA Draft. Along with Agbaji that makes 4 Jayhawks that could potentially be taken. However, there's no word that any aside from Agbaji are for sure going to stay in the NBA Draft process by the time the June 13th deadline to withdraw comes, keeping the door to return open. There's many factors that go into a player's decision to either return or stay in the draft process, and we'll go through a couple here as I go into my personal opinion on the matter.

Overall I believe this is the right move for all three of the "Maybes" (as I have now proceeded to call them) I think getting that experience and metrics measurements will be extremely important in determining if they're draft ready or not, and what things they need to work on as well to improve their stock should they return. I can see Braun being a late first, early second rounder as of now, the other two however I do not believe will be drafted. For David, I believe going overseas and playing may be his best option. Yes, he has another year of eligibility, however I think he will gain more knowledge of how the pro level game is played going to play in Spain, France, Italy, or other places. More than one more year at Kansas will give him. Give him broader experience, and I believe David could very well be a good player to make the jump back to the States in due time. As for Wilson, I advise he returns another year. I'm not quite understanding what entices him to be so eager for the draft, when there's very little shot of him getting drafted at this point. Overseas may also be an option for him, however I think he can have a bit more tutelage from KU and perhaps increase his stock by being a marquee player. He was hitting his stride and has more than 1 year left, and I feel has more to prove if he comes back to Kansas. Finally, Braun I believe could very well succeed in the NBA. He's got the ability, the pose, and the size to go far, he just needs the consistency. If he spends a year or two in the G-League or overseas I believe he gains that, or if he comes back. If he comes back however, he would need to be KU's best player (much like Wilson honestly) in order to increase his stock to be a lottery pick. The Maybes still have a couple months to decide, however I expect at least one of them to return. I'd frankly be shocked if all three move on, but KU Basketball will survive if they do. Bill Self is still a great coach, and KU still has All-American talent.

Burn Notice: 5/10 Today's weather (Here's to hoping it stays a while)

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