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The Maybes: Grand Finale?

As the deadline to withdraw from the NBA Draft nears it's final hour, officially ending at 10:59pm CST today, KU fans look on with great anticipation as to what two particular players are doing. We already know Christian Braun will stay in the draft, and David McCormack will stay with the G-League Elite Camp too, so where does that leave Jalen Wilson and potential newcomer Kevin McCullar? We already know the answer for one of the two...

Yes, Jalen Wilson has officially announced that he will withdraw from the draft and come back to KU, a decision that potentially spells a monumental final college year for the forward. We already saw his potential and improvement in the tournament, and will fill an even bigger role now that he is coming back. I personally think Jalen wants to be the big man on campus, and will have the motivation to earn it and impress NBA scouts even further. Wilson could very well be a lottery pick if he breaks out this coming year, and having Bill Self as well as a stacked KU roster in his corner will make for an excellent situation for the 21 year old from Dallas, TX.

If this team gets topped off by McCullar withdrawing as well, it could spell trouble for the Big 12 conference and for the national college basketball landscape. KU's potential to repeat will skyrocket, and will once again be a team not to be trifled with. This is basically the best possible outcome with Braun not coming back, and will form a defensive juggernaut for the Jayhawks, something that in the Big 12 will be huge. KU was only ranked #10 in the ESPN Way Too Early Rankings, but I feel that with McCullar signing on and Wilson coming back that ranking will shoot up, and quickly at that.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Have fun trying to catch fire against this defense

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Jun 02, 2022

That would be awesome!

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