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The Lightning Fast Turnaround: Chiefs Look Ahead to the Chargers on Thursday Night

The Chiefs had their first regular season matchup against the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday. In what felt like a message sent more than a win, the Chiefs trounced the Cardinals 44-21, in a game that the score does not match truly how lopsided a matchup it was. The Chiefs looked immaculate on offense, and with Patrick Mahomes spreading the ball around and getting basically all of his receivers a look, looked like the US Military with all the weapons they had. The defense however, looked as good or even better in my opinion. EVERY snap Kyler Murray felt pressure, with 3 Chiefs leading the NFL in pressures now (Jones, Karlaftis, Danna) Not only that, the young secondary prevented the big play and limited penalties. Overall, aside from the few minor injuries, the Chiefs look like the sharpest team in the NFL.

They now look ahead to a much tougher divisional opponent in the Chargers. The Chargers looked stellar too, with Justin Herbert throwing 3 TDs, the defense swarming Derek Carr and forcing bad throws, and once again the final score not replicating how much better the Chargers looked than the Raiders. While we ARE only one game win, it's starting to look like it'll be a race between the Chiefs and Chargers for the AFC West, which makes this upcoming game that much more important.

This game is fast approaching too, as it is slotted for Thursday Night Football. A quick turnaround means little time to gameplan, practice, and rest, which could be the difference maker as the Chiefs are hosting the Chargers. The travel could pose a threat to the energy and continuity of the team, and with facing Arrowhead's raucous crowd along with a few missing players and quick turnaround, the Chargers look to be at a disadvantage. This does not mean underestimate them, but it could play a factor. However this could play a factor on the Chiefs as well, with guys out and a short week. With Arrowhead though and that homefield advantage, I think the Chiefs will pull a victory out and once again send a message to the league that the Chiefs did not take a step back, but rather even, a step forward.

Burn Notice: 9/10 Russell Wilson's kitchen is going up in flames y'all someone get a fire extinguisher!

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