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The Case of Deshaun Watson

CW: Sexual Assault

I have decided I can word things best regarding this situation in writing. I know this is not a Kansas City sports specific story, but it is a story that involves a business that affects not only Kansas City sports, but the sports world at large. As most of you know by now, Deshaun Watson was suspended 6 games in regard to 30 allegations made of sexual assault. The assaults occurred at massage therapy appointments booked by Watson, and allegedly had the full support and encouragement of the Houston Texans EVEN AFTER knowing of a few of these allegations. Watson, since the Texans suspended him for the year in 2021 (Not really a suspension but rather a non-football related roster scratch), has only accumulated more allegations leading to where we are today. He has also signed with the Cleveland Browns for $230 million, $45 million guaranteed. Some of these cases have been settled either in or out of court, but the number still remains concerningly high.

As I said in my post yesterday, 6 games for not just one potential heinous crime, but for as many as 30 of them is outrageously paltry. The fact that this man STILL GETS A PAYCHECK from the Browns is even more disgusting. Everyone involved is now liable and at fault, Watson, the NFL, the Houston Texans, and the Cleveland Browns have shown outright their respect for women, morality, and the law. Settling, whether in or out, is the hush hush way of saying you did it, but even so 30 cases should tell you that when there is smoke, there is fire. The baseless and utterly insane theory that these 30 women have conspired against Watson needs to be laid to rest, and justice must be served. Justice was not served with yesterday's ruling by Judge Sue Robinson. The NFL must act further, or must come to terms that their business is morally bankrupt. No more charities, no more virtue signaling, I believed it to be asinine even before this and I believe it even more now.

When you suspend players for legally gambling EVEN AS you promote and accept sponsor deals with sports betting outlets (Calvin Ridley), when you suspend players for smoking marijuana (Josh Gordon), when you suspend players for even so much as minimal PED usage (DeAndre Hopkins) for LONGER than you have suspended someone for committing a crime against humans, actively harming them and scarring them, you have truly lost any right to call yourselves an institution of integrity, respect, morality, and the championing

of civil rights. Spare us it, we see through the lies and you're only driving yourselves further into the ground through your pathetic attempts at damage control. Either you act on these or you don't, but frankly we saw long before this how much you care about star players actively harming others. Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, Kareem Hunt, Ezekiel Elliott, Ben Roethlisberger, and a plethora of others throughout your history. Now that list includes Deshaun Watson, and frankly speaking if it comes out that all 30 women are indeed victims of his unwanted advances and that criminal charges are warranted, this is a case that could bring a knockout blow to the NFL, the Texans, the Browns, and anyone involved.

I love football, but I love civil rights and equity for all Americans more. Again, when there is smoke, there is fire, and the NFL and the organizations surrounding this situation have turned a blind eye to what could become a forest fire in the coming weeks and what is potentially a monstrous serial rapist. It is insulting to all women that this man got paid the way he did, and insulting that the NFL gave him less than a slap on the wrist for potentially a crime that most people go to jail for 20+ years for. I truly am holding out hope that one day justice will be served, but for now I am disgusted with the NFL. Believe victims. Call out predators. Give justice to those who need it. End of story.

Burn Notice: 10/10 I reiterate: BELIEVE VICTIMS.

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