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The Burn KC Celebrates One Year: An Update, A State of the Union Address, and a Thank You Note...

Before you ask where the sports news is (As there was a TON that happened today, that we will eventually get to I promise.) I wanted to make note that it has been an entire year since I started this passion project. We have made leaps and bounds since the Burn KC's inception on March 6th of 2022. A typical Sunday evening led into a spark of inspiration to pursue my dreams of sports journalism, giving myself a platform to talk about Kansas City sports, and to start a community of those who support this dream and share my love for Kansas City sports. Before I get to the sentimental part, I want to get into what I have planned for the next few months at least...

  1. Setting up the Burn KC Bracket Challenge

Since it is March, we're going to be doing a bracket challenge. Much like the Fantasy Football League we started, this is an opportunity to win some money, but above all to bond our little community we've got through games and fun. What better way to do that than a good ole March Madness bracket challenge? Entry fee will be $5 and will go toward the pot to be won by the winner. Picks will open once Selection Sunday occurs, but I will be taking sign-ups TONIGHT after I get the challenge set up. Be on the lookout for the link on social media! I will also be posting it here. Happy picking!

2. Setting up Reddit, Spotify, and Soundcloud

I have been asked to diversify my content platforms using these three apps. I had planned to already, however it's been busy. Unfortunately I have not had the time to focus in and create these profiles. No longer, and everything will be set up within the next 2 months. The subreddit is already live at r/theburnkcsportstalk but doesn't have anything in it quite yet. I will be posting articles and ScorchCasts there and you will also have the chance to post to the subreddit with what you want to talk about with the community. Please join and participate! With Spotify and Soundcloud, be on the lookout for those links soon. Got to figure out splicing audio from the ScorchCasts in order to post first. It will happen soon, I promise. Diversifying platforms is how we make this community and this blog grow!

3. Building Community Engagement

Part of journalism and building a blog is building a community around your content. I want to try and build forums regarding KC sports on this site as well as potentially set something up to where readers and myself can talk sports directly. Not only that, but I will be looking for interviews and opportunities to have those of you that are experts on subjects/those that work in sport and everything surrounding it. This helps content, this helps research, and this, once again, helps this page grow. Eventually, I may even try merchandising, but that may be farther down the road. Let me know your thoughts on how you think I should improve this community and my content. Your opinion matters tons and having that help is important.

Those are just three of a few things I want to do by this time next year. I have plenty more plans and will more than likely come up with new ideas throughout the year, so stay tuned.

Now for the sentimental part. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for reading, watching, and engaging with my content. I never thought hundreds of people would be engaged with what I put on the internet regarding this page, it truly is overwhelming (in a good way) and having such a great community built around some dude rambling on about his opinions regarding KC sports and KC sports news is unreal. Not only that, but your active participation when it comes to everything surrounding this page is much appreciated, more than you know. When we raised over $200 for Movember I couldn't help but feel so incredibly humbled, and I am forever grateful for everyone who donated. There will be more opportunities to contribute and be charitable in the near future, I promise. Part of what I want to use my platform for is to help the KC community and to be a good human, and Movember was merely just the start. Be on the lookout for more. I wanted to thank my family and friends who helped made this dream possible as well. My mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa for buying me equipment to use, my buddies/colleagues that promote this community and give me advice on how to improve, the rugby lads for giving me some good interviews and content, my girlfriend Sarah for being one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters, and again, of course, this community of loyal readers and listeners. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have a reason for doing it, and you all are the only reason I need. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Truly.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Birthday Candles!!!

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