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The B-Enemy Situation: Part II

Eric Bienemy is once again the topic of controversy and drama surrounding the Chiefs. After two weeks of offensive underperformance, climaxing (at least I hope) with the brutal loss to the Colts that involved offensive ineptitude, arguments between coach and quarterback, and special teams blunders a plenty, headlines have been made. It's what happens when you become a good team like the Chiefs have. The focus of this article will be on the Chiefs' offensive coordinator, and the flack from both media, reactionary fans, and a certain recurring figure in the B-Enemy situation.

Let's start with the media. One game does not define a team. It was a bad game, not a bad season, at least not yet. However, the Chiefs will be fine, I assure you. A lot of media analysts do not seem to think so, and it's mostly the ones that have never played football and really just want to overblow a story for the sake of clicks and drama. The Chiefs need to focus on themselves, and tune out these voices. You know thyself, more than others know thyself. The Chiefs have long been a topic of media scrutiny, this is nothing new, but the Chiefs need to make sure it does not affect their game.

Now it's time to talk about Chiefs' fans, specifically the ones shouting fire everyone and that this team will be terrible. Once again, one game does not define a season or a team. The Chiefs got unlucky on some plays, and played disappointingly on others. Mind you the Chiefs have had bad games in the past, in fact they had a couple the year they one the Super Bowl. This slump shall pass, the Chiefs are a good team and they will recover. So, I say to those reactionary few, RELAX. It is not the end of the world, you do not know football as well as you think you do, and no one needs to be fired. Please check your reality.

And finally, one of the main characters of this story. Good 'ol Shady McCoy. If you did not already know, LeSean has made his position known on the drama surrounding Bienemy, and it has not changed since the last time we saw him in the headlines (It's been a while I know) Nothing we haven't already heard before. "Eric Bienemy bad, me good, me not washed and me not need to hold myself accountable." Let's talk about what OTHER former Chiefs that played under Bienemy have said. Terrell Suggs, Jamaal Charles, TYREEK HILL, and others have since come out to say that Bienemy is a class guy who deserves to be where he is at and then some. So LeSean, is it a Bienemy problem, or a you not taking accountability and you not being coachable problem? Please have some respect, it's kind of embarrassing when you make bombastic opinions and nobody agrees with you. Kinda just look like the guy on the street corner yelling about how the lizards are taking over.

In the end, I'll reiterate that the Chiefs will be just fine. Please use logic and have trust in an organization that has proven to be successful even in times of adversity. When you have Patrick Mahomes on your side as well as one of the best coaches of all time in Andy Reid, you're doing well. Pressure makes diamonds, but unnecessary pressure causes even diamonds to chip.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Somebody on the Dolphins' staff better be getting fired. Prayers for Tua.

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